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  1. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Sounds like fun! I definitely am overly type A about our vacations sometimes, I hope my family never drowns me in Splash Mountain, lol. We went to Disney last summer in Florida for our first time and I had busy, crazy plans. My biggest tip/lesson though is to plan at least one empty day to fill up as needed, either with another trip to a park or just to kick back at the pool. My boys like the pool more than anything I think :)
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    1. Merry
      Merry at |

      I didn’t plan in an off day but we ended up taking a day off in the middle for a pool day. Evan loved it!

  2. Nicole Schuman
    Nicole Schuman at |

    Agree! Iv’e been to Tokyo Disneyland and I also felt what you’ve felt! It’s really awesome and fun there! You’ll feel that you’re a kid again…
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  3. Michael @ adaddyblog.com
    Michael @ adaddyblog.com at |

    So you had a brief escape from those frozen wastelands of yours, Merry? This is an excellent post, and tremendously helpful! Thanks for your WDW hotel advice on my facebook page, btw. I’m going to be sure my wife reads it, but you two are not dissimilar, so I’m betting she knows most of this already. ;) I on the other hand need all the help and guidance I can get, per my recent posts about Disney. BTW, we’re thinking of a pool day in the middle… or at least a partial day as we’ll get park hopper tickets, too. I really appreciate you sharing all of this. Have a super weekend!
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  4. Coffee Lovin' Mom
    Coffee Lovin' Mom at |

    Thanks so much for this – I’m actually just in the planning stages so this will come in handy!
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  5. Heather
    Heather at |

    This is making me very excited for my trip. My only concern is my 2yo & how scared she will get. Will let you know how it goes.

  6. paula schuck
    paula schuck at |

    Love the Disney APP. It’s so helpful. We enjoy Disney travel and I don’t know how organized we really are, but it helps that there are solo many resources out there for Disney travellers.
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