Some Things Only a Mommy Sees!

Do you ever feel like you’re all alone?

You know….like when you figure out that whoever used the bathroom last used ALL the toilet paper and did nothing about it?  Yeah…like that.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just my family but I gotta say….it drives me BATTY….and toilet paper is the tip of the iceberg.

I am convinced that my family just doesn’t notice. This is mainly a self preservation mechanism because if I thought they did it on purpose I would have to go postal more often than I do. Some of my favorite things that don’t seem to hit their radar:

  • changing the toilet paper roll when they get done with it
  • changing the paper towel roll when they get done with it
  • telling me that they used the last of something in the kitchen (like milk). Bonus points if they let me figure it out late at night after the stores close
  • damp towels on the floor of the bathroom
  • socks in the floor in any room (they can step over them for DAYS)
  • no hand towel in the basement bathroom (either they’re not washing their hands or they wipe them on their jeans…either way….you know where the towels live!)
  • taking their trash out of my car. (once I found a rotten banana peel that had been left in the back of my car for weeks….GROSS!)
  • picking up ice cubes that hit the floor from the ice machine….you do know they turn into water…right?

I know, I know….I do loads of things that get on their nerves and, honestly, I can live with most of this. However, I figure I’m not alone so I thought I would post to let all the rest of you moms out there realize that it happens in my house too!

So…what does your family do that drives you nuts?


  1. Dana says

    My husband will pass piles of folded laundry and just go upstairs without it. Does he think it’s going to walk up by itself?? Also, if I do ask for him to take it up, can he not put the towels on the shelf where he knows they go?? Nope…piles it in the upstairs hallway for ‘someone else’ to put it away. The plastic wrapper from his popcorn bag just left on the counter, you get the picture. I can totally relate.

    • Erin says

      …ooh that’s my pet peeve too! My husband takes the laundry out and dumps it on the couch, then expects it to magically fold itself and walk upstairs and if I do him the favour of folding all the towels, they still sit there until I take them up! And you’re right.. on the occasion that I ask him to take them up, he walks them upstairs and puts the laundry bin ‘beside’ the linen closet!! Oh well, I can’t complain too much because my husband will take the clothes from the dirty laundry bin to the washer and turn it on.. at least that’s something!

  2. says

    Walk past overflowing trashcans. Forget to flush. towels on the floor. Socks tossed whereever they came off their feet.

  3. says

    Leaving glasses and slurpee cups in the upstairs tv room for days – when they weren’t even supposed to be up there in the first place. Gotta love teen-agers. Making popcorn every night when I’m out at yoga and leaving the HUGE bowls and good ol’ fashioned stove top popper all for me to wash at 10:30 pm. Good thing I just got back from yoga or I’d probably wake them all up to do it themselves. 😉 At least we know we aren’t alone right?

  4. says

    wow I can ad to this list but the post would be a run on. My favorite is leaving the sporting equipment in the truck and then calling me mad because I took a different veichle and am in another city with their equipment. My . Fualt. totally. umm NOPE!

  5. says

    Can I just say that I have one terrible, no good, awful habit. One that only came to light because I am buying a whole new wardrobe at the moment. I tear the tags off clothes and leave them where ever they fall. I am driving my hubby mental and keep having to fish price tags out of the baby’s mouth and I still don’t learn.

  6. Dhyan says

    Sometimes, I really love being alone because I can think of a lot of things and I can meditate as well..Anyway, I just love this post here..

  7. says

    All of the above. Inability to take out the garbage is a big one. Toilet paper goes without saying.
    Also, tho’ Hubs does the laundry (mostly) he seems incapable of putting a clean towel in place of the one he just took for the wash. And I never seem to notice until my hands are soaking.

  8. Sarah says

    I learned many years ago in customer support training: we teach people what to expect from our actions. If we do more than the minimum then that is what is expected AS the minimum eventually. Also, if we keep fixing stuff for others they never bother figuring it out themselves. Sure, easier said than done but once you set that bar too high it’s hard to move it down again.

  9. says

    In our house it is my hubby who catches all this. He is always complaining that there is a sock on the floor, someone used the bread and didn’t take out a new loaf, no garbage bag in the garbage. Sad but I am usually zoned into a thought and pass things like they don’t exist. That is why I need the cleaning lady!

  10. says

    i left the hubby’s clothes on the floor of the bathroom for 8 days before i lost it and told him that the laundry shoot was only a foot away! he said he didn’t even notice them. arrgghhh!!!!

  11. says

    Oh those are some good ones!
    In my house we have the no flushers, and this drives me batty! I comment on the fact that toilets are not flushed at my house, that my 2 year old now echoes me.

    My other favorite is taking the dishes and placing them beside the sink instead of in the dishwasher… like it takes anymore time right? Oh the problems of those of us in the first world right? (wink)

  12. says

    I’m as guilty as the other 4 people in our house. I admit it. Like seriously guilty of many offences. It turns out even though I may be just as guilty, I’m still the most likely to have to pay attention to all these details! I would think the more detail-midned complainers could actually take action to fix the problems. Guess I’m wrong – I’m still the wife and the mom. :) I’m expected to care more. My biggest pet peeve is the milk thing though — nothing like a very regimented 9 year old waking up to find out dad drank all the milk at midnight and didn’t leave any for her cereal. That one affects all of us!

  13. Susan says

    It drives me nuts when my husband is always cleaning up after me haha I am totally the man in this marriage, sorry ladies!

  14. says

    Where do I begin? Picking up stuff constantly. They all take something out and don’t return it to it’s spot. Or, they put their stuff in a different spot everytime and can never find anything! I hate wasting time looking for stuff. I put my keys in the same spot EVERYTIME. Why is this so hard to understand PEOPLE?

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