Ultimate Blog Partying 2012 with 5 Minutes for Mom!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012


It’s that time of year again….when the blogosphere goes a bit wild and crazy and there are parties in the streets…um…along the internet lines.  For the past 5 years the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom have been throwing a hell of a party.  I participated in 2010 and 2011 and I’m hoping this year will be better than ever.


For those of you who don’t blog, you’re probably thinking “Wha??? Why would you have a blog party?”  Well, it’s a great way to “meet” other bloggers and find cool blogs to read that you might never find otherwise.  Cool, huh?

So…without further ado, let me introduce me & my little corner of the blogosphere.  My name is Merry…yep, Merry.  I was born 3 days before Christmas so I got a Christmas-y name. MerryWithChildren started out as “Merry and Dewey in Canada”.  I started it in 2006, a year after we moved from Austin, TX back to Dewey’s home town of Calgary, AB.  I decided to start blogging about my new life as a wife, stepmom and an American living in Canada.  In the last 6 years, my blog has changed as my life has changed.  I am now the mom of an almost 5 year old. I still work full time but in marketing & social media.  I also find that I blog less about my stepkids because they are almost teenagers and well…I don’t want to invade their privacy as they grow up.

In the past few years, I have started blogging more about food.  Love recipes?  Definitely check out my Recipe Index which is chock full of much loved, family friendly recipes.  Some of my favorites include: Peach Cobbler, CrockPot Chicken and Dumplings, Chicken Peanut Noodles and many more.

Love Disney? You should check out my Disney Diaries posts from our recent trip to Disney World.  They’re full of tips for things such as The Disney Dining Plan, where we ate at Disney & what we thought, planning your trip to Disney World and pictures from our visits to the different parks.

Me & Evan at Disney World

So that’s a bit about me & my blog.  More often than not I blog about this guy…my little Evan.  Cute, huh?

Well, it’s time for me to say goodbye & that I hope you come back to visit soon!

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32 Responses

  1. LaughWithUsBlog
    LaughWithUsBlog at |

    Wow you’ve been blogging six years! That’s amazing. I’ve only been in the blogging world for about a year and a half and already it interesting how much my blog has changed! Great to meet you! Visiting from the UBP12 party!
    LaughWithUsBlog recently posted…Dogs Poop

  2. Dana (@DragynAlly)
    Dana (@DragynAlly) at |

    I love running into other Disney fans! Hi can’t wait to read more about you.
    Dana (@DragynAlly) recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party?! #UBP12

  3. Jerri
    Jerri at |

    Hi Merry! I’m just stopping in from UBP. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m looking forward to following along and checking out your recipes!

    Hope you’ll have a chance to stop by my blog Simply Sweet Home! I’m giving away a necklace from my Etsy shop as a door prize!
    Jerri recently posted…Friday Favorites – Week 111

  4. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Hi Merry

    I can say that meeting you in Calgary two years was a lot of fun :) Even if the playground was cold after a while :) hope to see you in a few weeks..
    Michelle recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 12

  5. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    p.s. Evan is so big now!!!
    Michelle recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 12

  6. Richard
    Richard at |

    It is good to know that your blog also grew as you went through those memorable events in your life.
    Richard recently posted…jamplay review

  7. Ginny Marie
    Ginny Marie at |

    I’ve participated in 2010 and 2011, too…but I don’t think we’ve crossed paths yet! Which isn’t surprising, considering how many blogs party!

    I hope you can stop by Lemon Drop Pie. I’m trying to get 100 comments! (What can I say…I’m a dreamer!)
    Ginny Marie recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  8. Kate
    Kate at |

    Here from UBP12! And I’m glad to be a part of it and meet so many great bloggers! i will definitely be back to rummage through your recipes and check on your blog!
    Kate recently posted…100 day picture challenge. Day 71

  9. Dana
    Dana at |

    Hi Merry! (love that name..it makes me feel…well Merry!) I will definitely check out your posts on Disney World. We are hoping to take the kids this summer. We have done Disney Land several times but not Disney World. I too have an almost 5 year old ….but a girl not a boy and I too have step kids who are now teenagers. . We also moved into the state of TX about 2 years ago. :) I have never been to Canada but would love to visit someday. Happy #UBP12 Following you on FB :)
    Dana recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  10. Paula @ Simply Sandwich
    Paula @ Simply Sandwich at |

    Hi Merry! Stopping over from UBP12! You have a beautiful family and I am looking forward to checking out your recipes! :)
    Paula @ Simply Sandwich recently posted…It’s That Time Again!

  11. Carrie
    Carrie at |

    Stopping by to say hello from the UBP…

    Those recipes sound yummy…I’m going to look through them. I want some meal time inspiration. :-)

  12. Carolynn @mylittlebitoflife.com
    Carolynn @mylittlebitoflife.com at |

    Just pinned the Chicken Peanut Noodle recipe, thanks! :)
    Carolynn @mylittlebitoflife.com recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  13. Jolene
    Jolene at |

    Hi Merry! Here from the party! I am definitely going to have to check out your recipes and look forward to reading more post from you. I too have a birthday near Christmas, so I can relate.
    Jolene recently posted…Flashback Friday 27

  14. Trish @ In So Many Words
    Trish @ In So Many Words at |

    I know what you mean about the blog changing – I had a totally different name when I started out in 2008 and have shifted direction with life more than once.

    I’m actually a Christmas baby, although I didn’t get a festive name like yours! Happy UBP. :)
    Trish @ In So Many Words recently posted…It’s the Ultimate Blog Party ~ Plus a Giveaway! #UBP12

  15. Multi-Testing Mommy
    Multi-Testing Mommy at |

    I absolutely LOVE how you got your name! This party is so much fun!

    here is my post:
    Multi-Testing Mommy recently posted…MTM is Partying with the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  16. ashley picco (mamawee)
    ashley picco (mamawee) at |

    Welcome to the party! I also love how you got your name ! Feel free to stop by and party with me over at http://www.talesofmommyhood.com/2012/04/ubp-12.html

  17. Susi
    Susi at |

    Hi Merry. Stopping in from UBP12. Nice to meet you. Yes, your little guy is pretty cute. Must have been quite a change to move from TX to Canada. I myself moved from Germany to Florida… talk about culture shock!!! :)
    Susi recently posted…Time to join the party…#UBP12

  18. Kali @ The Vintage Milk House
    Kali @ The Vintage Milk House at |

    So excited to have found you via UBP12!!! I’m excited to nose around your place & to see what else you’ve got going on! Added you on G+! :)
    Kali @ The Vintage Milk House recently posted…Mother’s Day Adoption Series

  19. Adena
    Adena at |

    Visiting from the UPB12, I’ve done this a few years too, mostly participated with one of my other blogs that I no longer have. I have teens too and a 5 yrs old. I mostly blog about the youngest for the same privacy reasons but then sometimes I guess they feel left out because they will sometime ask if I ever write about them anymore. Nice to meet you.
    Adena recently posted…M is for Murder Mysteries

  20. RoryBore
    RoryBore at |

    I know I’ve been here before…..but saw your link and had to come over and say “holla!”
    can’t believe I just typed that…..parties bring out the worst in me :)
    RoryBore recently posted…Let’s Party! UBP 2012

  21. Angel
    Angel at |

    Coming by from UBP and I love your blog’s layout, Blue is one of my favorite colors. Peach cobbler is one of my favorite desserts, I could eat a whole one by myself but then I would be bigger then I am now.. sighs..hopoing you get tons of traffic from the party.
    Angel recently posted…UBP2012 Come party with the blogosphere

  22. Shala Howell
    Shala Howell at |

    Hi, Merry, nice to meet you. My little one is five too. Such a fun age.

    Love your blog. This is my first year doing the UBP circuit, as I’ve only been blogging for about nine months. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts after the party is over.
    Shala Howell recently posted…Warp Speed, The Five-Year-Old!

  23. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    Oh my! You have been blogging for a LONG time. I hope I have that much patience. Stopping by from UBP 12. This is my first year doing this blog party with 5 minutes for mom, but I have blogged off and on for about 5 years, this is the most consistent I have been, blogging for about a year straight! Can’t wait to read more :)

  24. Timedog Aliea
    Timedog Aliea at |

    Um your recipes look soooo good I am definitely going to have to try your BBQ meatballs YUM! I will definitely be back for cooking inspiration:)

  25. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    We are still considering when to go on a Disney trip, so I will read those posts with the most interest!
    Jessica recently posted…Blog Party!

  26. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Yes, Evan is very cute. And you, lady, are GORGEOUS. Your eyes!!! I”m sure you hear that all the time.

    Party hopping along.

  27. Coffee Lovin' Mom
    Coffee Lovin' Mom at |

    Hi Merry! I’ve been following – I think I found you a couple years ago when I did my first party. I’m so glad you have some helpful posts on Disney..I just booked our trip for June! I hope you are having a great time this year – party on!
    Coffee Lovin’ Mom recently posted…People in Paris

  28. Audrey
    Audrey at |

    I knew a girl once who was given Noel for the very same reason. :)
    Audrey recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party

  29. stef
    stef at |

    What a fun name. And life. I am a little scared about the whole teenager thing. I have 5 kids and my oldest has just turned 12… Hormones are scary things. And can’t wait to see your yummy recipes. I need the family friendly recipes. Because when it comes to dinner, my family isn’t always friendly.
    Here from UBP!
    stef recently posted…Who doesn’t like a good party?

  30. Sarah @ Tired Mommy Tales
    Sarah @ Tired Mommy Tales at |

    Stopping by from UBP12 (better late than never, right?)

    I can’t wait to browse through more of your recipes!!
    Sarah @ Tired Mommy Tales recently posted…Dear Emerzon

    1. Merry
      Merry at |

      Definitely! We are in the midst of selling our house & buying a new one so I am SOOOOOO behind.

  31. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)
    Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) at |

    Merry, thanks for joining the party. Sorry it’s taken a while for me to pop in to visit your UBP post. I think I’ll be visiting posts for the next several weeks.


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