Visiting With Santa 2012

Evan and I made it home safe and sound (though very late) yesterday. Our flights and our layover in Denver were blissfully uneventful though we did get to make an extra lap through Canada customs for some reason (which was really annoying since it was Evan and I travelling alone & it was 10:30pm!).

Me and Evan 121012

Though we got in so late, we couldn’t miss the Kid’s Christmas party for my work. It’s a great party complete with face painters (which Evan won’t go near), balloon animal makers, Mad Science, Santa, gifts and snacks. Evan LOVES it. It IS a great party but after such a long travel day yesterday, I was shot. Regardless, we stuck it out and had a great day. Evan even got his turn on Santa’s knee.

Evan and Santa 2012
He asked Santa to bring him Skylander’s Giants which is all he can talk about these days. I got an awesome compliment from Santa, who commented on how polite Evan is.

All in all, it’s great to be home & now I have to get all my Christmas shopping done! Eeep.

Are you in the Christmas spirit (I’m getting there but I’m still not quite there yet)? Do you have your shopping done (no for me)?


  1. smothermother says

    even is rockin’ those glasses!
    christmas threw up at our house over tekend. we have been totally christmafied. and i have a couple of things left to buy. not sure when that is going to happen, but it’ll happen.

    • says

      I’m not sure when my stuff will get bought either. oh well…I have a few things bought & the rest…well…it will get done sometime. Thanks for the comment on Evan’s glasses. I love them.

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