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15 Small Dog Costumes for Halloween

15 Small Dog Costumes for Halloween

Cooper is no stranger to dressing up. One of the best parts of having a small dog is that they are so darn cute in costume! Here are some of my favourite small dog costumes that are perfect for Halloween (or any time, really). Click on the links under each picture to purchase for your pup!

Our Favourite Small Dog Costumes

Shark Costume Little dogs don’t get to be the most powerful animal in the room very often. Once they don this adorable dog shark costume, they will feel like the most powerful predator in the ocean.


Your little pooch is a princess to you but with this Princess Leia costume, she can be a princess for REAL!

Pirate costume

Ahoy mateys! Your pup will have you walking the plank in this cute pirate dog costume!

Sushi Costume

Cooper is not sure about dressing up as food but I think this sushi dog costume is the cutest thing EVER, don’t you?

Mickey Mouse dog costume

We LOVE Disney and we LOVE our dog. Cooper as Mickey? I think this Mickey Mouse dog costume might need to be ours!

Coffee costume

Which do you love more: your coffee or your pup? With this cute latte costume, your pup can be a coffee. Sounds like a win to me and it is adorable!

Cowboy Rider

This cute Cowboy rider costume is great for dogs that don’t particularly like costumes. It is more like a harness than a full outfit so dogs don’t mind it as much. We have a mouse rider for Cooper.

koi fish

Glub, glub…your pooch can be swimming with the fishies in a cute red koi costume!

skunk costume




Do you ever call your pup a “Lil Stinker”? Well, it will be closer to the truth when they are wearing this skunk dog costume. Thankfully, they won’t smell!

hula girl small dog costume

Cooper took one look at this and said NO. I think he should rethink. Look at those coconuts! Don’t you think he would look great in this hula girl pup costume?

Gnome Costume

Who’s a good garden gnome? Cooper is a good garden gnome! Or at least he would be in this fleece garden gnome costume!

Captain america hat

Have a costume hating pup? How about this Captain America inspired crochet hat instead?

Raptor costume

Your pup can take a spin as an predator with this raptor dog Halloween costume.

Spock Costume

Your pooch can live long and prosper in their puppy Spock costume. How cute are those ears!?!

Panda Costume

And last but not least…the costume that Evan wants to buy for Cooper this year. The panda bear dog custome. I must admit, it is pretty cute.

We shared 15 Small Dog Costumes with you, which is your favourite?

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15 Small Dog Costumes for Halloween