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23 Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is nine days away and the panic has set in. I am not done my Christmas shopping and I’m pretty sure anything I order online will NOT get here in time. What is a time-crunched mom to do? Here are some great last-minute Christmas gifts that you can put together easily and the receiver will love. You’re welcome.

last minute christmas gifts

Money – The Gift that Always Fits

Look, I know that giving money seems like a cop-out but it really isn’t. Teens especially love receiving cold hard cash. They often have a list of wants a mile long and it sometimes includes groceries and gas. Give the gift of “exactly what you want” with cold hard cash.


Food – The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

There are so many ways you can give food as a gift (click there for ideas) but there are tons of ways to think outside the box as well.

  • Put together a movie night gift with a few bags of candy, microwave popcorn, a large bowl and a Netflix gift certificate or Redbox Code (with free printable). Easy peasy and everyone can enjoy it!
  • A coffee bar gift with a pound of coffee, specialty syrups and a mug.
  • A salad gift with a large bowl, salad claws, olive oil and a specialty vinegar.
  • A large container of Nuts and Bolts is a favourite gift to give or receive in my house (yum!)

Really, the sky is the limit and you can make it as healthy (or unhealthy) as you like. Great places to find cool and unique food items to include Homesense, TJ Max, and World Market.

popcorn for an outdoor movie

Experiences Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

My son REALLY wants to go to West Edmonton Mall and go to the water park. That is going to be part of his Christmas gift. You don’t have to give an actual “thing” just because it is Christmas. Print off a gift certificate, make a cute poster for the experience you will do (Canva is good for that) and wrap that. It also extends Christmas past December with fun later in the winter.

Other great ideas include:

  • movie tickets
  • concert tickets
  • yearly memberships to the Science Centre, zoo, etc
  • tickets for mom and dad to play games that your child picks
  • tickets for an at-home movie night
  • a visit to their favourite local attraction
  • lunch or coffee date with mom and dad

Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Make a Donation to Charity in Their Name

I don’t necessarily recommend charity gifts for children (because they often don’t quite *get* this yet) but many adults love it. I’ve given Kiva gift certificates in the past and my in-laws loved it. They spent time pouring over the different people they could donate to and choosing who they wanted to support. Their gift cards come in increments of $25.

Another fun one is Heifer International. I enjoy their options because you can give an actual animal. I love seeing myself as Oprah and saying “You get a goat, you get a goat….EVERYONE gets a goat!” You can even give a fraction of a goat. How cool is that?

handprint ornament

Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Make a Gift

I realize not everyone has the time/skills to do this but if you do, it can turn out great. Here are some easy ideas to try:

Last but not least, remember that it really is the thought that counts. A heartfelt, handwritten card telling someone what they mean to you can be worth more than any Christmas gift. Don’t lose sight of spending time with those you love this Christmas season. That is worth more than any gift.

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last minute christmas gift ideas

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