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25 Days of Christmas Update – Days 8-10

I took a bit of a break from blogging about our 25 Days of Christmas activities every day.  I had other things to blog about & honestly I didn’t want to bore you completely to death.

Evan got the stomach virus on Day 9 so we had to be a bit “flexible” with our activities.  Kevin the Elf has told us to go see Christmas lights twice and we still haven’t made it.  Here’s hoping that we manage to fit it in before Christmas!

Our paper snowflakes from Day 7
Collage for Day 8.  Evan got an Elmo Christmas Activity book for his Christmas Activity
Collage for Day 9 – Evan opened his advent but then it went downhill from there.  A call from his preschool teacher after he puked everywhere 3 times during class (in the first 10 minutes), stained living room carpet & a trip to the ER at the Children’s Hospital was NOT really what I had in mind to celebrate Christmas!!!
Day 10:  I stayed home with Evan for most of the day (like my snowflake flannel pants?)
Dewey and Evan constructed a foam Gingerbread house for his 25 Days of Christmas activity (though Kevin had told us to try to see the Christmas lights again.  It was -17 so we decided to skip it yet again.)
The finished gingerbread house.  Cute, no?  Both Dewey and Evan were COVERED in glitter.  I am so happy that Dewey got to “experience” doing crafts with Evan.  Hee hee!

If you are celebrating the 25 Days of Christmas, have you had to skip any of your activities?