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6 Self Care Tips to Reduce Stress

6 Self Care Tips to Reduce Stress

Disclosure: This post on how to reduce stress has been sponsored by the Sweet Reads Box. I received a Sweet Reads Box for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own. 

I am a stressy person. I hate that about myself but I realize that it is true whether I like it or not. I have trouble removing myself from my stress spiral once I am in it. Unfortunately, my anxiety doesn’t help either. These days, I am trying to reduce stress through self care.

What does that self care look like?

  • Ask for what you need. While it would be amazing if those around us could read our minds and give us what we needed without us having to ask, that is unrealistic and can lead to frustration which leads to even more stress. So just ask…and then work on reducing the mental load around having to ask in times of lower stress.
  • Accept help. Hooo boy, this one is HARD for me. Even if I can verbalize what I need that doesn’t mean accepting the help offered is always easy. Anxiety often tells me that things have to be a certain way and if not that it is FAILURE. The only way that seems possible is to do it all yourself. Unfortunately, it rarely means things will meet the expectations you’ve set for yourself. Then that leads to more anxiety and more stress and and and. So just let go of the unrealistic expectations and accept the help.

comfy bed reduce stress

  • Go to bed. Another one I’m terrible at. Left to my own devices, I will stay up until 2 am doing who knows what. Getting good sleep makes everything better. It just does.
  • Don’t overdo the coffee. Last week I had more coffee than I should have and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. On an already stressful day, it almost did me in. I love coffee as much as the next person but if you are already feeling out of sorts and agitated, have a big glass of water instead.

August Sweet Reads Box Contents

  • Do something nice for yourself. It doesn’t have to be big but it has to be something you DO for YOU. Don’t wait for others to do the things you need to feel great. Take the time to read. Have a bath. Buy a new shirt. Subscribe to Sweet Reads Box (this is mine, see the pic above!). Eat the chocolate. Whatever it is….DO IT (within reason of course…maybe don’t buy yourself a new car or anything).
  • Be kind to yourself. Remember that if things don’t go exactly right, chances are that no one will DIE. My brain makes things a much bigger deal than they actually are. It is hard to tell my brain to shut it, but I have been doing a much better job at it.

I mentioned that Sweet Reads Box is the latest thing I enjoy doing for myself. Here is a video about how I reduce stress and what I got in the August Sweet Reads box. You can also catch my posts on the June and July boxes as well. It is a Canadian subscription box that pairs a new and awesome novel with curated items that follow the novel’s theme. This month’s box hit it out of the park! It makes the perfect gift for yourself or any of the readers in your life.

6 Self Care Tips to Reduce Stress


Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

I am not an overly stress prone person and my anxiety is pretty good these days, but I make a habit out of taking better care of myself for sure. I've started indulging in treats, the Sweet Reads Box sounds fun, but I've started getting the fabfitfun box. I also started bullet journaling so I can add those items that take care of me to my to do list. It sounds dilly, but they are the first items to go when things get busy with obligations. Great tips my friend!

Merry Kuchle

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

So smart! If you put it on the list it gets done!