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A Perfect Little Princess Party for Kids

This princess party was hosted by my friend Dana from Talking in All Caps. She recently wrote an article called “Princesses Don’t: How I was limiting my daughter without a second thought.” You should read that RIGHT AFTER you read her ideas for the perfect princess party below.

My daughter Nicky is nothing if not opinionated. When I started talking to her about her birthday she was quick to tell me that she wanted a princess party and nothing else would do.

My favorite kinds of parties to host are ones that involve very little work for me. In this case, I achieved that by:

1) outsourcing some of the party planning
2) using stuff I had on hand and
3) setting out some easy activities that don’t require a lot of parental assistance.

Princess Party Decorations

My friend Kathleen is a party planning queen. She offered to help me with Nicky’s party and it was seriously the best thing ever. Not only did I not have to do any of the work, I also didn’t have to think about what to do or go to the stores. With a newborn at home, this was totally amazing.
We decorated the hearth with a personalized Happy Birthday banner to serve as the present area.
The loot bags were wrapped in cellophane with princess wands sticking out. They looked beautiful and doubled as decorations.
Small crown frames were decorated with flowers and ‘jewels’ with pictures of the little birthday princess inside.
If you don’t have a friend with mad skills like Kathleen, you can find lots of princess decorations on Etsy like the ones below!
princess banner

Princess Party Food

When Nicky said she wanted a castle cake I just laughed. Luckily Kathleen is much more talented than I am with cake and icing. We also put out princess cookies and fruit wands (grapes and pineapple stars on skewers…easy and delicious!).
Princess cookies are easy to make, just make sugar cookies and cut them out with a crown cookie cutter. Decorate with icing (though mine would look much less professional than these).


I set up a dress up station in our spare bedroom with a princess castle tent, princess dresses, skirts, play princess jewelry, hats, and fairy wings. When the girls arrived I helped them pick out a dress.

Some of them were thrilled with that one for the whole party, others liked to go back and change outfits again and again.

I also set up her Little People princess play sets in the living room. For snacks and cake, I put down some pretty blankets for a princess picnic.
Nicky was feeling a little overwhelmed at first, but when we played Pin the Gem on the Crown, she perked right up and had huge smiles for the rest of the party.
We also made a playlist for a princess dance party and had teacups on hand for a princess tea party but we didn’t end up needing the extra activities. Nicky loved her party and still, weeks later, wants to talk to everyone about it.
A Perfect Little Princess Party for Kids

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Jenjo Games

Thursday 15th of July 2021

This is such a great idea for kids birthday party. I am sure they will have an amazing time creating memories. Thanks for sharing these ideas!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

A customized princess banner is adorable! Creative ideas to celebrate.

Jaclyn Anne

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

What a fun party theme! I would have loved having have a little princess party when I was a little girl. I love the loot bags and all the yummy eats!