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A Trip to Gull Lake In Winter….Who Knew?

Ice Skating

After 9 years in Calgary, you would think that I would be okay with winter by now. Nope. I still have a bit of whiney baby winter hater in me. This year I have had to take a big dose of “get over it” though because we have had 3.5X the normal snowfall that we have in December.  There is snow EVERYWHERE and it is a foot deep or more. All the snow has made me come to a realization that I don’t hate the snow. In fact, I kind of like it. The bitter cold can still kiss my butt though!

We got invited to our friends’ cabin at Gull Llake for New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t sure what you could do at a lake house in the winter. Being from Alabama, going to the lake is all about swimming, fishing, etc and those don’t mesh in my mind with cold temperatures and snow. Boy was I in for a treat. We had a great time and we LOVED it. We can’t wait to go back again because the whole family had a blast.

If you are having some trouble wrapping your head around it too, here are some of the things we did.

  • We didn’t bring our skates so we didn’t get to go ice skating (see the great rink above) but everyone who were out there skating looked like they were having a blast. When we went by later, there was a hockey game going on.
  • Snowmobiling! I rode 2 up with Dewey (he is taking this picture so it looks like I was riding by myself). We did a snowmobiling trip to the mountains when I first moved here and I had forgotten how much fun it was. This is a cabin in central Alberta so no mountains but we really enjoyed riding through the trees. It looks so magical with all the snow covered trees surrounding you.


  • Snowy Weenie Roast – Who said that cooking over an open fire is only for the summer? Not our hosts! We roasted hot dogs over a fire for lunch. We had a blast and all the kids made “chairs” in the snow. With about 2 feet of snow in the back yard, there were lots of snowball fights, sledding down the snow drifts, digging and snow angels.

Winter Weiner Roast

  • Walk on the lake ice – Our hosts had friends visiting from Sweden. Since they were only there for a short time, they really wanted to take a walk and look around the lake. I’m so glad they did because it got my butt off the couch! We walked to the lake and then played catch with Shanook (the dog) with snowballs. He had so much fun jumping up and catching the snowballs. He REALLY wanted a stick though.

Playing Catch with Snowballs

Overall it was a great couple of days and really changed my opinion of enjoying winter. If I were to go to the lake more often, I would definitely try cross country skiing and do a bit of snowshoeing. Both things that I could do in the city but for whatever reason I just don’t.  I think it also helped to get together with friends because we don’t do that enough these days.

Kids New Years Eve

I think everyone had a blast….don’t you?

How do you embrace winter? What are your favourite things to do, places to visit, etc?




Thursday 9th of January 2014

We used to do all that at Darlene and Keith's on New Year's. With the family so separated it's hard to get together for a whole weekend now but it was a great time.