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About Me, Merry of Merry About Town

About Me, Merry of Merry About Town

Welcome to Merry About Town! Here is a bit about me, Merry of Merry About Town.

Hi! I’m Merry (yes, that is really my name on my passport), Fourteen years ago I moved to Calgary, AB, Canada from Texas (I’m originally from Alabama). I decided to start blogging so that my family could keep up with my new life in a new country. They never read it but, crazily enough, other people did. Through the years I figured out that I love writing and sharing online.

A blogger was born.

My blogging life has taken quite a few twists and turns. I’ve decided to write about what I love….my life. That means that you’ll find my blog to be a bit all over the place, just like me.

Enjoying an Okotoks Dawgs game

I write about my family, including my husband, Dewey, my son, Evan, and my two stepkids, Will and Nicole.

Cooper the Maltese in a Shasta Airflyte

Oh, and you can’t forget everyone’s favourite dog, Cooper.

Taffy and Gumdrop the guinea pigs

And our newest additions, Taffy and Gumdrop the guinea pigs.

Saskatoon or Blueberry Muffins 2

I also write about the family friendly recipes that I make to feed to the fam (why do they need to eat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?). No fussy, super fancy recipes here!

The Swinging Bridge

I also write about our love of travel. In the last few years, we’ve visited Mexico, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, and more!

Shasta Airflyte 16 for Road Trip USA

On our latest adventure, Evan, Cooper and I travelled in the US for 8 months in our Retro Shasta Airflyte, Daisy.

Disney Magic

While we were away, Evan and I rekindled our love of Disney. We spent three months in Florida visiting Disney every chance we got. So, I write about Disney too.

And sometimes, I just write about me. You see, I suffer from anxiety and being a mom and keeping up with life is not always that easy. I don’t sugar coat it and I don’t hide from it. Instead, I write about the good, the bad and the ugly because I know that there are many, many others out there that suffer just like me. I am not alone and neither are you!

And last, but not least, I recently rolled the site Best Birthdays into Merry About Town. Check out posts highlighting Calgary birthday venues, Easy Birthday DIYs, and party food. Pardon our progress as we continue to work to get the posts folded into Merry About Town.

Canadian Wine

So have a seat, pour a glass of wine (or tea) and have a look around. We strive to keep it real around here. Family recipes, real family travel and plain talk. We don’t do perfect, we do real. I hope you will join us!

Think you might want to work with me? Head over to my Work With Merry page to see examples of all the different ways we can work together. And please, let me hear from you. You can email me directly at

I am always looking for new ways to bring readers (and clients) value. I appreciate and respect your opinions, always.

Merry of Merry About Town

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