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Adorable Unicorn DIY Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Here’s an adorable Unicorn DIY Mother’s Day Card. I know, I know. YOU are the mom but this is adorable for grandmas or anyone else that would love a card. Also, maybe you can forward it to your significant other’s email as a nudge in the right direction. PLUS, this same template can be used as a generic greeting card by cutting out a second page that is blank. Then you can write in any greeting you want.

Because we could ALL use a little more unicorn in our lives, am I right? And a DIY Mother’s Day card is a awesome, especially if you need more than one!

Unicorn Card Supplies

First up, here are the supplies you will need to make your super cute Unicorn Card.

Unicorn Card Pieces Laid Out

  • Print the templates & cut them out.
  • Match the card-front with the card-back. Hole punch the circle guides at the top of the card-front. Make sure you are hole punching both the card-front and card-back at the same time.
  • Trace and cut the horn out of the gold glitter paper.
  • Trace and cut the unicorn snout out of green glitter paper. Hole punch the nostrils.
  • Trace and cut the outer ears out of pink glitter cardstock.
  • Trace and cut the inner ears from gold glitter cardstock.

Unicorn Card pieces

  • Glue the gold inner ear pieces to the center of the pink outer ear pieces.
  • Glue the glitter green snout onto the bottom of the card-front.
  • Cut the purple yarn into six, 12” pieces. Cut the white chunky yarn into two, 12” pieces. Cut the purple shimmer yarn into four, 12” pieces. Measurements do not need to be exact.

Attaching the hair to the Unicorn card

  • Separate the pieces of yarn into 5 groups, which is one group for each hole punched. Three groups of 2-pieces purple chunky yarn. Two groups of one white chunky & two purple shimmer yarn.
  • Fold over each yarn group and feed the looped end into the card hole.

Adding the Yarn for Unicorn Hair

  • Put the yard ends into that loop. Pull to secure to card. Repeat with remaining holes. Alternating colors yarns: purple chunky, white chunky, purple chunky, white chunky, purple chunky. Now your unicorn has a mane of hair!

Adding the ears and horn to DIY Unicorn Card

  • Glue the horn and ears slightly below the yarn, covering it up the holes.
  • Move the yarn around the horn and ears to style. Use scissors to give your unicorn some bangs.

Complted Unicorn DIY Mother's Day Card

  • Sign your name to the inside & you’re ready to give your super adorable DIY Mother’s Day Card to your one of a kind Mother, Grandma, Nana, or anyone else (just use a blank second page). Easy peasy and super cute!

DIY Mother's Day Card that Looks Like a Unicorn

Love unicorns? Here are some great unicorn themed items to go along with your card!

Unicorn mug

Love this fun ceramic unicorn mug.

Unicorn Coloring book

Unicorn Coloring Book – Get rid of stress while coloring magical unicorns!

Be a damn unicorn spoon

If someone gave me this unicorn spoon, I might not ever eat with anything else ever again.

Sequin Unicorn Pillow

A personalized mermaid sequin unicorn pillow would make a great gift for anyone!

Mommy and Me Unicorn Shirts

There are few things cuter than Mommy and Me Unicorn shirts!


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Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Okay, I'm ALL about dragons, but the unicorn card is adorable. I need to make one for myself! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Scarlet at Family Blog

Monday 26th of March 2018

I love this idea! So cute and creative. The yarn is perfect for the unicorn card mane.