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Airplane Party Food and Cupcakes

Airplane Party Food and Cupcakes

Last year, we had my son’s birthday party at a local gymnastics club. His love of transportation, combined with kids flying through the air at the gym, made this the perfect party for an airplane theme. Check out the fun airplane party food we came up with!

I wanted to make the party cute, but also I am very lazy. Here are the easy DIY airplane party ideas I came up with!


I thought it would be cute if the food at the party looked like meals you get on an airplane (although better-tasting, of course).

First, I made the place mats. I bought some biggish sheets of foam at the craft store. They looked like this:

Next, I cut them into a cloud shape. I made one and then used it to trace the rest.

Done! That was easy, right? Next I went to Wal-Mart and got some of these divided plates – like the ones they use on airplanes. But cuter.

I already told you that I’m lazy. The day before the party, I bought some subs and a fruit and veggie tray. I filled the cute plates with that food, then added saran wrap on top so that it looked like an airplane meal. Then I made a cute decal which you can download here for free and stuck it on top.

The kids got a kick out of pretending they were on an airplane while they ate!


In the interest of not spending a million hours on a kids’ party, I bought cupcakes. Then I made the EASIEST cupcake toppers EVER.

You need a glue gun, cotton balls, and lollipop sticks.

Step 1: Glue a cotton ball to a lollipop stick.

Step 2: THERE IS NO STEP 2. You are done! Stick that adorable puffy cloud into the cupcake.

My cupcakes were mostly mini-sized. If you have big cupcakes, you can use more than one, like this:

Cloudy cupcake airplane magic!

…And they tasted even better because they only took me five minutes. That adds to the flavour, I swear.