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Alpine DIY Room Makeover with a Mini Gallery Wall

Coming up with the perfect nursery decor is fun but at some point, growing kids need an updated bedroom. Their tastes and interests change quickly, but a coat of paint and some changeable art can make a big difference. This year, we decided to give our son a DIY room makeover for his birthday.

DIY Room Makeover – The Walls

I chose an alpine theme for his room because I thought it would fit well with the blue-green paint we already had on the walls. I saw an awesome mountain mural on Wills Casa and stole the idea. The mural worked well because it was easier and cheaper than repainting the whole room.

DIY Room Makeover – The Decor

I also bought a cheap faux-sheepskin rug from Ikea, and we already had this origami dragon print from Etsy. (As everyone knows, dragons thrive in alpine habitats.)
I added a little tiny gallery wall, and it can be changed easily as he grows. I got a magnetic whiteboard from an office supply store, and we used it to hang photos, a gymnastics ribbon, and a stuffie.

I love this board because we can use it for almost anything – the clip-magnets make it easy to display 3-d items like the little stuffie. We can also hang drawings, birthday cards, and other keepsakes that my son collects.

I wanted a really nice piece for this wall too, so I ordered a print from Canvas n Decor Canada. They are based in Canada, so you won’t get charged duty, and shipping is free (with some restrictions).

For my son’s room, I ordered a print of the train station in Banff. It has mountains (alpine theme!), and train tracks, which delighted my three-year-old son. When I showed him the print, his eyes were as big as saucers and his whole face lit up.

It may look strange to have things so close to the floor, but my son is only three. These are right at eye level for him!

DIY Room Makeover – Future Purchases

In the future, I’d like to cover the drawers under the bed with some wallpaper that fits the theme. I’d also like to add some faux taxidermy like this crocheted jackalope that I found on Etsy. They don’t have this exact piece anymore but you can find all kinds of faux taxidermy from TheCrookedSpruce.

These additions may have to wait until his next birthday, but I’m happy with how much we accomplished this year on a pretty limited budget. Canvas prints are more of an investment, but the sales help A LOT. The mural made a huge difference but was also relatively inexpensive because we only needed sample cans. On top of this, many of our current things fit the new theme (mobile, camp lantern, Olafs).

If you want your room makeover to involve surprises that kids can unwrap, you can do the painting over the course of a few days or weeks. Then buy accessories like rugs, stuffies, and pictures and wrap those for the birthday party.

I’m really happy with how our DIY room makeover turned out, and my son loves his new alpine-themed room, too!

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Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post by Canvas n Decor. However, if I try something and don’t like it, I don’t write about it. The print we got was awesome, and I’d definitely order from them again!

Sahriyar Selim

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

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