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Art Party Treats

Art Party Treats

Remember the Art Party that I showed you a few weeks ago? My sister did that, and the treats were SO CUTE. They all LOOK very complicated and impressive, but they are surprisingly easy to make!

I wouldn’t be able to replicate the writing on these Pantone cookies, but paint chip cookies with no text would also be totally cute.

Chocolate pops are surprisingly easy to make: just pour melted chocolate in a mold. But they LOOK very complicated and impressive.

My sister’s secret is that you can buy chocolate molds shaped like ANYTHING for cheap on Amazon.

The artist’s palette molds used for these pops are here. You can buy the melting chocolate at Michael’s or Bulk Barn.

You can also use the molded chocolate to dress up cupcakes!

You can kind of see in the photo that the cupcakes themselves are marbled with rainbow colours. Please no one ask me how my sister accomplished this, because I have no idea. Magic?

Finally, the best art party loot bag idea EVER:

They look like Pantone paint chips!!! And the colour is called “Gratitude”!!! I cannot get over how brilliant this is. So, so easy and quick, but so awesome!

You can see more real (and awesome) parties by real parents here.