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AT&T Stadium – The Home of the Dallas Cowboys

As you can tell by the minimal restraint, she was very calm for the procedure and the keepers commented that she moved more after treatment than she had in months.  Yesterday was her first treatment and this will be continued 1-2x weekly as long as she tolerates it.

Dewey and I are in Dallas while he attends a work conference. Tonight we got the unique experience of going to the AT&T Stadium, getting to tour the stadium and getting to eat dinner on the field. First, we entered the stadium on tour busses that took us into the stadium just like we were arriving players. Then we got to walk on to the field under the star (above) just like the players.

Dewey Football

The next order of business was a pass and kick contest between the board of directors of the conference (which Dewey is on…he’s #15 above) and the senior management team of the company sponsoring the conference. Dewey rocked at the kicking portion of the game. He made 2 out of 3 field goals that he kicked! I was super impressed because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t kick a ball to save my life. Dewey’s team beat the other guys by 1 point so they have bragging rights for a little while anyway.

After the showdown, we went on the self guided tour of the stadium. We got to see the inside of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Dallas Cowboys locker rooms and their press conference room. I must admit that I thought it was a bit strange that in the cheerleaders locker room there were lifesize pictures of the cheerleaders above their lockers. I’m pretty sure just having a name tag would work.

Cheerleaders Dressing Room


In the Cowboys locker room they had football pads and jerseys that you could try on and get your picture made in. Dewey and I had to get in on the fun.

Dewey and I as Dallas Cowboys

Overall, though I am not a huge NFL fan, I must admit this was a pretty cool event. It was a really cool venue and I think we had a unique opportunity to see the stadium from a perspective that most people never get to see.