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How Audiobooks Got Me Back Into Reading

Growing up, I was a voracious reader. Plowing through 5, 10, 20 books in one week was not at all unusual. If my family couldn’t find me, they knew to look in a closet….any closet. I had likely climbed into the dark closet with a book and a flashlight to escape the world. Unfortunately, sitting down and reading that many books as an adult never, ever happens.

As a young woman (aka before kids), I read every night before bed. Even though I had slowed down the number of books I could complete, I still read a good number. I remember a friend of mine saying she no longer read. I was aghast and said “Just read before bed…easy”. Oh I was so stupid and naieve. I had no idea how tired moms can be and how quickly your leaden eyelids close once you are still and trying to read.

After Evan arrived, I tried to pretend that I WAS DIFFERENT! I would start a book before bed and try to get through a chapter or two. After reading the same paragraph 13 times, I would wake up the next morning with a book on my face ro would be startled awake when it bopped me in the head. So maybe I wasn’t so different.

Over the years, I heard others praise audiobooks but I wasn’t convinced. I was SURE that it just wasn’t the same and that I was NEVER going to be an audiobook person. I’m a READER, you see. Can’t you hear my idignation. Boy, was I stupid.

Nothing changed until Evan and I left on our RV Adventure. We were going to be in the car for hours and hours and I couldn’t stomach trying to find a radio station for all that time. Plus, I was afraid listening to talk radio (that I love) for that much time would cause my anxiety over the condition of the world to be EVEN WORSE. Audiobooks, even if I thought they were “cheating” seemed like something I needed to give a chance.

Well, I will admit it…

I was wrong.

Like really wrong. Totally wrong. 100% wrong. Evan and I have LOVED listening to audiobooks while we travel. Evan is even more addicted to audiobooks than he is to his iPad. Did you see that coming? I sure didn’t! I have been trying to keep up with all the books we have listened to on our reading list on Evan’s Homeschooling Blog (which is SO behind). Now I’m starting to listen to my own books after I bought a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones (affiliate link) as a Christmas present for myself. Now I am listening to a book by Glennon Doyle, a lecture series on storytelling and a novel. Why did I wait so long??????

I use lots of different apps to support my Audiobooks habit. I borrow from the Calgary Public Library for free using Libby, Overdrive and Hoopla. For books that I can’t wait for (or can’t find), I use Audible. Click this link to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks (affiliate link). Once you join, they often have sales too. The other day I got two books for one credit.

Evan’s favourite audiobook series are (affiliate links for the books…Audible will be an option as well):

Harry Potter

Wings of Fire Series

Inkheart Trilogy

Eragon Series

So tell me…do YOU listen to Audiobooks?

How Audiobooks Got Me Back Into Reading

Mitch Popilchak

Thursday 28th of December 2017

I started listening to audiobooks once I got through AB and BC. SK and MB just begged for something other than the endless, horizonless, roads. I purchase them as I tend to listen to them over and over. I've even gifted many on itunes to Theo that I thought he might like.

Total Gaines (Chip Gaines) UNFU*K Yourself (Gary John Bishop) Stealing Fire (Steven Kotler) The Surrender Experiment (Michael A. Singer) The Universe Has Your Back (Gabrielle Bernstein)

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 28th of December 2017

It really helps pass the time. Thanks for the book recommendations too!


Thursday 28th of December 2017

Oh my gosh, I can totally relate. I was such an avid reader, then once kids came along I stopped! My oldest is now 14, and then I have 10 year old twins. I only really started reading avidly again a few years ago. However, what got me started up again was the Kindle. I think because it was so portable. Plus, when I fall asleep reading it, it doesn't lose my page! 😁 I do enjoy audio books to though. I like listening when I'm exercising and in the car!

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 28th of December 2017

But it hurts when the kindle hits you in the face when you fall asleep. Bahahaha.