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Back to Work Fun

Back to Work Fun

Today was my 4th day working at my new store Past Connections. After 6 years of working at home, the decision to go back to work wasn’t something I took lightly! It’s a huge change for everyone in our family, especially since I work on Saturdays now too.

In my first week, I’ve learned a new credit card machine, how to run the cash register with ease (mostly), where all the extension cords lead and what they power (that is a total lie…some seem to go to nothing) and that ladies get really mad if you don’t have their favourite skincare in stock.

Learning, Learning, Learning!

Overall, it has been so much fun. I am learning more and more every day and though I am tired, I am excited to do it all again the next day. It’s fun to see what people click with the store, too. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about jewelry and selling it. I bought some new pieces just last weekend and have sold almost all of them! Also, when did my hands get so wrinkly? EEEk!

I had forgotten how much I love interacting with people and learning. The past few years working from home have allowed me to pull back from people more and more. Now I get to meet new people every day! In fact, I’ve already run into a past customer from when I worked at Spartan and the figured out that a customer and I had mutual friends in common. I love those human interactions and I never realized just how much I had missed them.

What Do I Wear?

The one part that has been hard/interesting is figuring out what to wear. I haven’t gone into work routinely in 6+ years. Plus I’ve outgrown all the clothes that I wore at that point. Throw in a work-from-home job at the lake and 8 months in an RV and my wardrobe needs some TLC. Thankfully, my new store sells clothes! There’s no easier way to find a new wardrobe than that!

Every day seems a bit like the first day of school and picture day all rolled into one but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Our Store Mascot

Cooper joined me at the store on Wednesday of this week. He’s still not sure about becoming a shop dog. He mostly wanted me to sit down so he could nap on me since that is what he was used to doing when I worked at home. I’m going to keep bringing him to the store when we are slow and hopefully he will figure it out. I think he will be much happier in the long run instead of having to stay home by himself every day. Now to just convince HIM of that.

Tour the Store!

In case you missed it, here is a little video of my store.

Stay tuned for more non-store content as I settle into my role and figure out how to balance everything.