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My 19 Best Potluck Recipes for Summer

Summer is coming and so is the entertaining season. We love getting together with our lake neighbours for the long weekends, birthdays, holidays or just for fun. The easiest way to feed a large group is a potluck but sometimes it leaves me wondering what to bring. Here are my best potluck recipes that people love and ask for again and again.

My Best Potluck Recipes for Summer

Summer potlucks are the best! Here are some great recipes that are easy, feed a crowd and taste delicious!

Don’t they all sound amazing? Make sure to ask your host what kind of dish you should bring to the potluck. No one wants to eat all salad! Also make sure you label all your dishes, utensils, etc so that you get your stuff back at the end of the night.

Getting to the Potluck

Growing up, the potlucks we went to most often were at church. My Granny would pack everything in her wooden picnic basket (that no-bake strawberry pie above? Always in that basket!). Today, you probably don’t have a picnic basket but here are a few things to help you get your potluck dishes there in one piece and warm or cold like they are supposed to be.

Casserole cover which is perfect for your best potluck recipes

I love how this casserole carrier is expandable and THOSE COLORS! It has the perfect retro feel for a potluck!

Casserole dish with cover for a potluck

Whenever I take a dish covered in aluminum foil or plastic wrap, it disappears never to be seen again. Then I have to figure out how to get any leftovers home without making a mess. Now, I buy casserole dishes that come with a lid so I never have to worry about that again.

Love this Flexi-freeze mat to keep your dishes cool without a bunch of melty ice to make a mess.

I love this all in one salad bowl/lid and servers. Keeping everything together is the best.

Best Potluck Recipes for Summer