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Birthday Parties at Tommy K Play

Birthday Parties at Tommy K Play

This review of parties at Tommy K Play comes from Robin Farr. She’s a local writer, mom, and general amazing woman.

When my almost-8-year-old told me he wanted a birthday party at Tommy K Play, I felt a little uncertain about trying to manage a group of kids in there. I’ll say this up front for other parents who might have the same concern: it was a great place for a party.


My 3-year-old loves Tommy K and is big enough to climb on most of the structure; only once or twice have I had to get in there and give him a boost. My now-8-year-old adores it, obviously, and it’s a great place to have kids burn off some energy. The North location is larger than the south location, and has more play options for kids over 8 years.


Parties are 2.5 hours, which is just about perfect. It gives the kids lots of time to play with enough time to do cake and presents too. You start by playing for an hour, then you have access to a party room and the play area for the next 90 minutes.

Each party room has a TV/DVD, which we didn’t use, and they also provide place settings and room decorations. This is a huge plus in my book, as I am not a Pinterest mom. I loved the festive atmosphere, and I didn’t have to spend money on kids’ birthday decorations.

One of the things I loved the most was that you get an event host. They check everyone in, make sure you have food when you need it (pizza, etc. requires pre-ordering) and, the very best part, they clean up.


You pay a registration fee, which varies by season and number of guests. All costs are outlined on the party page on the Tommy K Play website. Admission for the birthday kid is free.


Tommy K Play has one of the best play structures I’ve seen. It’s big, with lots of different parts for kids to climb up, on and through. We were at the northwest location, where there’s also roller race track, a trampoline / basketball game called Jumpshot and an attraction called TimeFreak that involves a red team competing against a green team to hit randomly flashing buttons on the wall. If that articulate description doesn’t tell you exactly what’s involved, there’s also a video on their website.

For an additional cost, you can also get access to the K-Zone, which has laser tag and a climbing wall.


I think you should, and that’s coming from someone who is not a huge fan of being in a place with screaming kids for 2 hours. It was easy enough to keep track of all the kids with the closed circuit TVs, and they also enabled me to retreat to the party room and relax when being in the middle of it all overloaded my senses.

The kids loved it, the pizza was good, and any party where I don’t have to clean up is a win in my book.


Full disclosure: this party was complimentary and offered in order to facilitate a review.