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Birthday Parties at Gymtastics in Calgary

Today’s post about parties at Gymtastics comes from the lovely Kim Winiski. Kim attended, but did not host, this party. She took pictures and wrote it up anyhow. She is essentially a Birthday Spy. Thanks for your espionage, Kim!    – Katie

We arrived at Gymtastics South about 5 min after the party started. We were greeted by an instructor and entered the gym to find the birthday girl being led through the first set of equipment by another instructor as the rest of the kids looked on.

Once the demo was complete the kids were encouraged to try out the equipment themselves. The instructors (we had two) helped them on some of the more challenging things (rope swing, anyone?), but otherwise, the kids just had fun. Both my sons are under four so I was expected to be within arms length at all times. The two of them had a blast playing on all the equipment, and following one another and their friends through the circuit. The instructors were great about helping kids in a way that suited their abilities and ages. Both my kids really seemed to be having a great time.

After about twenty minutes on the first circuit we did a second – which also seemed to be enjoyed by all the kids. We then spent some time in the foam pit and on the big trampoline – I think my kids enjoyed this the most! Parents could join their kids in the foam pit (I didn’t – I didn’t know if I’d get out!). At this point the kids could also go back and play on any of the equipment – basically a free play time.

After about an hour using the equipment we had to tear the kids away from the gym to wash their hands and go upstairs for food and cake. This was a nearly impossible task and led to a meltdown from my four-year-old – he really didn’t want to leave.

Upstairs is a kitchen with two party areas. We were in one, and a party was being set up in the other. I don’t know if they ever have two parties up there at the same time, but I imagine it could be a little chaotic. We had about an hour up there, which we spent eating food and cake brought in by the party hosts, and opening presents.

When it was time to go we said our goodbyes and I dragged the boys back out to the car. Both were sleeping by the time we were home twenty minutes later. [Editor’s Note: YAY!]

Would I host a party at Gymtastics? Yes, absolutely. I think it’s a great place, especially for kids between four and six. One of the other parents there commented that they had been to a party at Gymtastics the year before, when all the kids were three. She said it was much more chaotic as the kids were not ready to listen yet. By four they’re usually much better at listening and following instructions about how to use the equipment. With that said, my two-year old had a blast – I just had to spend more time helping him and watching him.

Wouldn’t it be cute to do an Olympic-themed party at Gymtastics? Thanks, Kim! The best part was when the kids went to sleep.