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Birthday Parties at Telus Spark, the Science Centre

Birthday Parties at Telus Spark, the Science Centre

Have you noticed your child culturing the bacteria growing in your fridge? Is there a bunsen burner in the play kitchen? If so, a birthday at Calgary’s science centre, Telus Spark, may be for you!


The cost for your party depends on the number of kids attending (21 kids max). Each child is $10.95 – you pay group rates for a party, which gets you a discount.

A private room (pictured below) can also be rented for $75 per hour, to a maximum of two hours.

So hypothetically, a party for 10 kids (including two hours in the party room) would be about $260.

The coolest thing about the private room is that the lights can be changed to any colour!


Birthday parties are booked on Saturdays only, for kids from age 6 – 12.


Parties include:

  • Access to all exhibits
  • Access to drop-in programs
  • Party hats (available upon request)
  • Self-guided scavenger hunt (one for 6 – 7 year olds, another for 8 – 12 year olds)

The scavenger hunts are designed for parents to lead, and include specific activities for many of the exhibits at the science centre. For example: “Build a birthday cake out of sand at the Erosion Table!”

For an additional cost, you can also get catering, dome theatre tickets, and loot bags (pictured below).


You can choose any theme you like at Telus Spark, but wouldn’t a Mad Science party be awesome? You guys, all the kids could wear lab coats! It would be so cute!!

Disclaimer: Things change, so make sure you check details with Telus Spark prior to booking your party!