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Our Review of Blaze Pizza Calgary

Our Review of Blaze Pizza Calgary

Last night we tried out one of Calgary’s newest pizza joints, Blaze Pizza. It’s kind of like Neopolitan style pizza meets Subway, but in a very good way. Blaze Pizza Calgary is a great new addition to the pizza scene.

Building your pizza at Blaze

When you enter their restaurant, you que up at the front to order or build your pizza. All pizzas are 12 inch thin crust pizzas on regular or gluten free crust. For under $11, you can choose from one of their signature pizzas or build your own. Even if you choose a signature pizza, you can feel free to add more toppings if you like.


Last night, I decided to try the Green Stripe (pesto drizzle over grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, chopped garlic, mozzarella, arugula) but I added green peppers, goat cheese and mushrooms as well. It was YUMMY.

Blaze Pizza Gets the Thumbs Up from Evan

Evan decided to go with The Simple Pie. It’s basically sauce and cheese for just over $7. Perfect for little picky eaters like mine. He loved it.

A Build Your Own Spicy Pizza

Dewey decided to build his own pizza since he didn’t have to share. He added bacon, Italian Sausage, jalapenos, mushrooms, gorgonzola and mozza. He liked it but thought it could have used a bit more cheese.

Overall the cost for 3 pizzas, a chocolate milk and 3 San Pellegrinos was around $40. I had a coupon for two free pizzas which brought it down to just under $20.

What we loved:

  • Getting to build our own pizza from their wide variety of toppings at a great price. As many toppings as you want are included in their build your own pizza price.
  • It was pretty fast. Pizzas only take a few seconds to bake but if it is busy, the line can take a bit of time.
  • Great price.
  • Evan really enjoyed watching them make his pizza.

What could use work but is not a deal breaker:

  • Not licensed. Not a huge deal but don’t visit thinking you are getting a wine or beer with your pizza.
  • They accidentally gave Dewey’s pizza to someone else so they had to remake his. It meant he got his pizza MUCH later than Evan and I did.
  • They need to work on their pizza cutting. All three of our pizzas were not cut properly so the pieces didn’t come apart. I had to take mine back up to be recut and I ended up tearing Evan’s apart.
  • The pizzas can be a tad bit dry if you don’t add sauce or enough cheese. I asked for a little cup of sauce and dipped to my heart’s content.
  • The crust isn’t as chewy as my preference. However, it is crisp and not soggy which is awesome.

Overall, I would rate them a 4 out of 5. I think some of my issues were just hiccups on the night we visited. Their food is definitely a great value for what you get. Perfect for families!