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Brownie (or Oreo) Delight


Brownie Delight

Okay, I know this is a horrible picture. I will add another one tomorrow when we dip into it.  This is a very flexible recipe and many things could be subbed for the brownies such as oreos (so yummy!) or any other cake/cookie that would work with chocolate.  I think adding cherry pie filling would be awesome too (think black forest cake!).

Brownie Delight

One 8X8 pan of brownies, prepared per directions, baked and then crumbled
One large container (16oz) of Cool Whip or about 6 cups of whipped cream
2 small boxes of chocolate pudding, prepared per box directions (2 cups of milk per box)

Crumble brownies into the bottom of a large bowl or trifle dish.  Layer half of the pudding on top and cover with half of the Cool Whip/whipped cream.  Repeat layers with remaining ingredients.  Refrigerate overnight.

Easy peasy but a big hit especially with the kids.