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Butterfield Acres Mini Farm Parties

There is nothing cuter than baby people interacting with baby animals. 

Dana of Calgary Playground Review and Talking in All Caps took advantage of this scientific fact for her daughter’s party a few weeks ago, with the Butterfield Acres Mini Farm


$219 + GST for the mini-farm. It is an extra $25 for them to supply a handwash station. or you can supply one yourself but it must fit health department requirements.


The animals like a grassy space outside the best, but you will need a space to set it up in case it is raining. A garage works well.


All ages


Recommended for parties of 10-12 children. If you have more children they will have to take turns being inside the pen.


1 hour


The birthday child gets a Butterfield Acres t-shirt.


Nicky turned one this March. My mom likes hosting a big 1 year birthday party but we decided to wait until May to celebrate so we might be able to have an outdoor party instead of an indoor one.

Nicky loves animals so we decided to get Butterfield Acres to come in with their mini-farm. They came with 2 baby goats, 2 lambs, 2 bunnies and 4 chicks (sometimes it is ducks instead of chicks).

They set up the pen in the yard and the kids got to come inside to pet the animals. They had a few activities the kids could do with the animals like feeding the chicks and brushing and putting bandanas on the goats and lambs.

The kids ranging from under 1 to 7 years old all loved it. Nicky was a little unimpressed when the baby goats would jump up on her but was thrilled to see them up so close.

Thank you for writing about your mini farm party, Dana!

Disclaimer: Don’t forget to check with Butterfield Acres about their most recent rates and policies!