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Camping in Drumheller, AB 2010

May Long 2010 Pic

Sorry I went AWOL on you for a while.  It’s been a bit crazy around here.  First we went camping for the long weekend (pictures below) and then we had to be out of our house due to painting being done in our basement.  Since I knew internet service would be spotty at best, I decided to just leave my laptop at home. Unfortunately that meant that I haven’t posted in a while.  Thankfully I think I will be spending a bit more time at home for the next little while so I should be back to my regularly scheduled posting habits.

And on with this post…..

We celebrated the May Long Weekend in Drumheller with 9 other families that we know through work.  This is our third year at this campsite.  It is a great family site with lots of amenities for the kids.  I liked being in a group site so that we had a big area all to ourselves.  Here’s the post from last year….you will notice that we were wearing VERY different clothes this year b/c it was FREEZING!

Not sure where he gets these faces from but it’s cracking me up!
Evan has to help me cook even when camping.  We were making whole wheat pancakes here.
We decided to visit the museum in Drumheller.  This was the first time Evan went since he was a baby.  He LOVED it.
The fam….
Gotta love the bubble wall
Will is such a nut!
This is a dark room that we were afraid would freak Evan out…..he thought it was the coolest & plopped down on the floor to get a closer look.  It looks so bright b/c I used my flash.
Lots of indepth discussions about the dinosaurs and how they “got dead”.
Back at the campsite, one of the dads rigged up our cooking enclosure as a movie theatre for the kids.  The Chipmunks & Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs both made a showing.
Digging the movie & trying to keep warm.
Our campsite & our campfire.  The blue thing behind the campfire was a windbreak that we rigged up to try to stay warm.  Didn’t work!
All in all it was a great weekend and we didn’t freeze to death.  Hopefully we will do more camping this year.  With our camping buddies the Ndegwa’s & the Coswan’s gone, we’re not sure how much camping we’ll do.
So….do you and your family camp?  What are your favorite camping activities?


Friday 28th of May 2010

oh too bad it was so cold! we were in 30 degree heat plus humudity here.

i camped all my life and can't wait to start with the jb. we went once last year on labour day and the jb is still talking about it. i can't wait to get out again.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)

Friday 28th of May 2010

Looks like a wonderful family time!