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Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt

Camping season is almost here! It’s time to get away from home and head out into nature. Sometimes it is hard to get the kid’s out and exploring. We’ve put together a fun and educational Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt which will get them started. We’ve made it great for older kids or younger ones with a little help. It’s a great way to teach that we should only take pictures and leave footprints instead of actually taking things home.

Kids can use point and shoot cameras, cell phone cameras or even a sketch book! We’ve left most of the prompts open ended enough that it allows for a bit of creative license. It’s great to see how kids see the world differently than adults do. I promise that at least one photo will be something totally different than you thought they would take. It’s a great conversation starter. In fact, you should do one too and then you can compare your results!

Printable Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt

Click on the photo below to launch a printable pdf. Click print and you are ready to go!

Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt

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