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Celebrating Canada Day in Prince’s Island Park

Phew…it has been a DAY…but definitely in a good way.  This is my 7th Canada Day & definitely my most fun (that I can remember, anyway).  Dewey, Evan and I headed down to Prince’s Island Park to celebrate Canada Day Calgary style.


The day was beautiful and the park was PACKED.


Evan was a bit sad after he threw an EPIC temper tantrum over having to put a wristband on. It had Dewey’s cell phone number on it so that he could be reunited with us if he got lost. I guess he was hoping to lose us on this trip.


We quickly figured out that Evan was starving & blood sugar issues were definitely adding to his bad mood. Thankfully we brought a picnic lunch because there were hundreds of people in every single food line we passed. It was INSANE.


One of the highlights of our day was running into our friends Rea & Jon. We haven’t seen them in a while so it was great to catch up.

Making Canada Day crafts

There were even crafts for the kids. I had to convince Evan that, yes, he did want to make a craft. That boy!


The final craft product on the right. A bird made of two Maple Leaves. How clever! (The volunteers looked like they just LOVED this idea…no not really. They looked really bored.)


Another highlight of the day….Evan learned how to eat cherries like a normal person. No more trying to eat them like an apple and squirting cherry juice all over. Yay for Evan and our laundry!!!

Me & my crazy boy...

Me & the Monster

Done in by #CanadaDay #yyc

Too much excitement for this little boy!

How did you celebrate Canada Day (or if you are in the US, how will you celebrate July 4th)?


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Gorgeous - looks like it was fun. We were too chicken to take Ben down there this year. We would have needed that wrist band for sure. We celebrated by going to the football game and having Evan's mom come over and watch the kids. That was a fantastic way to spend Canada Day. What are you doing to celebrate the 4th?


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

I love the wristband idea! Glad you guys all had a fabulous day-- it was definitely a super day weather wise.

Happy 4th to you Merry--- btw, what is this Strawberry Pretzel salad i keep hearing you speak of??


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

I loved the wristband idea too. They also had search & rescue guys all over the park in bright yellow jump suits. If lost, the kids were to find one of those guys for help.

Strawberry Pretzel salad is made with jello &'s layered (pretzels on bottom like a crust). We had it lots when I was young but not sure if I have a recipe. I will hunt one down for you.


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Hello! I am not sure how I did not know you were in Calgary! Hello, neighbour. We escaped for half the day from the city and headed out to Kananaskis for some Canada day celebrations out there. I have always loved celebrations in Prince's Island Park. So much fun!


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

It's such a long day for the kids, isn't it? We tried to make ours take a late afternoon rest because we knew they wouldn't be in bed much before midnight. When all other kids at the party were starting to yawn and sit down by the fire......mine were still running around the yard with their glow sticks and sparklers! LOL We also went to our towns' local park....even though the Capital (and some special, Royal guests) is just down the highway from us. Thought the kids were too young yet for that big a crowd. Then we went to a friends house by the Ottawa River to sit by a bonfire, eat smores and watch some fireworks. Was a great Canada Day.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Saturday 2nd of July 2011

We were going to go out to the Canada Day festivities, but at the last minute decided to stay home. My husband doesn't enjoy being around huge crowds. :) We watched Toy Story 3 instead for the first time. Not as exciting as your day, but still good.

PS. I still eat cherries like Evan used to. I'm always scared that I'll swallow the pit the other way.