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Chasing Happy – Giving Fear the Stinkeye

Giving Fear the Stinkeye - Merry About Town

Evan is totally a Mini Me. In a lot of ways, it is awesome….he looks like me and we have the same sense of humor. In other ways….not so much. He is high strung and super cautious. He HATED the boat at first. In the picture above, he has wrapped the tie line around his hand so he won’t fall off the boat. We could get him on the boat if we promised not to be gone long, to let him hold on to the rope and if we brought snacks. Every time we went to take a boat ride it was harder to get him to go. Then we decided to let him drive the boat.

Driving the Boat - Merry About Town

Everything changed. He loved the boat. He wanted to drive from the minute we got on and asked non-stop until he got to.

Fast forward a bit…..Dewey asked me to get my boat license so that I could drive the boat. I took the test but I still didn’t want to drive the boat.

What if something happened?

What if I didn’t know what to do?

What if I broke it?

What if I sucked at it?

What if…?

What if….?

A very similar convo that runs through my head every time I do something new or something I’m scared to do (see also…..driving a standard). Dewey wants me to be able to drive the boat so that he can ride the tube or wakeboard occasionally. I balked at the idea of driving the boat MUCH LESS driving the boat while pulling someone on a tube or a wakeboard. He pushed and pushed and then I finally said “FINE, I’ll do it!”

Tubing - Merry About Town

And you know what? I did a kick ass job. Yep. Nicole had a great time and so did Dewey. I kept them on the tube, kept them alive and gave them a fun tube ride. And you know what else? It was a blast. I finally told my fear to shut it and just DID IT.

Though Evan is a LOT like me and I don’t like some of the ways he is, I am glad that I am showing him that he CAN give fear the stinkeye and chase happy. It will be okay and even if it isn’t….that is ok too.

Oh and last but not least….THIS makes me happy!

I’m starting to do Chasing Happy as a series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing my journey. If you missed the first instalment….read it here.

Kyla@Mommy's Weird

Monday 23rd of June 2014

Wow. The look on his face is amazing. Family time is the best time. Especially when everyone is happy. Enjoy your space, Merry.


Monday 16th of June 2014

the jellybean is super cautious as well , which is starting to drive me crazy. will evan ride a bike? max refuses. it took him until he was 5 to jump off anything. and he still does it with much caution. he doesn't get his cautious nature from me, but unfortunately he gets his sense of panic. not the best trait to inherit. :(

Merry Kuchle

Monday 16th of June 2014

Evan will ride a bike but only with training wheels. The thought of riding without sends him in to hysterics. To get him to ride the tandem bike attachment on Dewey's bike, we had to force him on it and then listen to screams for an entire block. Now he loves it. Kids!


Monday 16th of June 2014

oh and the cooper video is crazy happy making! :)

JD Marshall

Sunday 15th of June 2014

Now that's inspiring! Awesome job mom!


Friday 13th of June 2014

I can totally relate. The things I do or feel (or my husband's) show up in my kids' behaviour and feelings. My son is cautious when he tries something new (like my husband), while my daughter is fearless (like me).