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Christmas Cookies! Chocolate Chip Pecan Snowballs

Christmastime means COOKIES! I’m trying to break out of the mold this year and try a few new cookies (at least new to me). I have a cookie exchange next week and these are currently in the lead for my submission. I love that they are a little bit different but still great Christmas cookies.

Today was yet another freezing day in Calgary so it was the perfect day to try out a few new recipes. These chocolate chip snowballs are super easy and extremely delicious. Snowballs are tender shortbread full of chocolate chips and pecan pieces rolled in powdered sugar. Who knew that rolling things in powdered sugar could make them this tasty?

Chocolate Chip Snowballs

This is a pile of snowballs that I can get behind! You won’t want to throw them at anyone though because you’ll want to keep all of them for yourself. So I figured out that somehow my recipe never made it into this post. I will remake them and post but until then…here is a great recipe. Just add some pecans –

Chocolate Chip Pecan Snowballs

What are your favorite Christmas Cookies?