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Christmas Lights Bingo Printable

Christmas Lights Bingo Printable

Going to see Christmas lights is a MUST DO of the Christmas season. I love it so much that I was surprised when Even didn’t actually love it that much as a kid. I think the reason was that it got a bit overwhelming and he wasn’t sure where to focus so he got bored. I figured out that playing I Spy with him helped him enjoy it more. Well, now you can keep them entertained even easier with my Christmas Lights Bingo Printable.

I’ve made 5 different Bingo cards but you can definitely print as many as you need. It will become more a “who has the sharpest eyes” contest instead of luck. Just make sure each person has a crayon to mark off each item as they find it and something to write on (like a clipboard or lap desk). You should also decide if you are going to call BINGO with a full line or if the winner needs a blackout BINGO.

Since the game is completely visual, it is a great game for any age. You can also use it for trips to the mall or anywhere else there are Christmas decorations. Fun for everyone (and a few quiet minutes for Mom or Dad to get their errands done).

How Do I Download the Printable?

All you have to do is click on the image below or click here —-> Christmas Lights Bingo Printable

Fun, right? Make sure and print a bunch to have in the car for a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained when you are out and about! Need more than 5 cards? Leave me a comment and I’ll make up an expansion pack!

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