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A Cottage Christmas Menu with Recipes

A Cottage Christmas Menu with Recipes


It’s only 2 days until Christmas! I’m getting pretty excited! Are you done with all of your preparations? Since we are spending Christmas at the cottage, I am trying to make sure I am not doing things just to be doing them. Do we need tons of Christmas baking? No. So I bought chips and dip (the family fave) and I may make cookies if the urge moves me. If not, we will survive.

So much of Christmas becomes about what we think HAS to be done as opposed to what really has to be done.

Presents wrapped? Yep. Wrapped like Martha Stewart? Nope.

Snacks available? Yep! Made from scratch from old world recipes that take 4 days? Nope!

Bathrooms cleaned? Yep! Entire house clean enough for the white glove test? Nope!

Get the picture? Look around and see what really needs to get done, do that and leave the rest. No one will remember. Promise.

It’s all about hanging out with family…not how many gifts you give or how clean your house is.

And torturing the teenagers….always fun!

Will and Nicole - Merry About Town

Anyway, I digress. One thing that I generally do not scrimp on is good food. Thankfully my family and I have pretty simple tastes so many of the recipes are family favorites that are easy as well as delicious. Still scratching your head on what to make this year? Here’s our Christmas Menu complete with links to the recipes (if they are on the blog).

Buffalo Chicken Dip - Merry About Town

Christmas Eve – It’s All About Appetizers!

Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip served with tortilla chips, carrots and celery

Lil’ Smokies cooked in cranberry sauce & barbecue sauce

Crackers with Olive Tapenade (buy in the grocery deli section)

Hot Appies (frozen from M&M store…yep, I am making frozen appies)

Veggies – cucumbers, celery, carrots and sugar snap peas

Spinach Dip

Chocolate Fondue for dessert

#1 Recipe on MerryAboutTown in 2013 - Overnight Blueberry French Toast

Christmas Breakfast – You HAVE to make it Ahead!

I haven’t 100% decided what we are going to have this year. It’s either Overnight Blueberry French Toast or Christmas Strata. Now to decide which.

Turnip Puff

Christmas Dinner – All the Family Favorites!

Turducken from Echelon Foods – This is the one new thing we’re trying. It is a deboned chicken, inside a deboned duck inside a deboned turkey…stuffed with Italian sausage. YUM!

Cornbread Dressing (or stuffing)

Homemade Cranberry Sauce 

Mashed Potatoes


Turnip Puff

Sweet Potato Casserole

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad (I will leave out the bacon and the pears this time)

And Sticky Toffee Pudding for Dessert. YUM!

What is on your Christmas menu this year?


Bonnie Way

Sunday 28th of December 2014

Ooooh, those look like awesome recipes! I actually don't cook for Christmas... my mom hosted a dinner on the 21st, then my mother-in-law hosted dinner on teh 24th, and my uncle hosted for my extended family on the 25th. My hubby and I just had to show up!!! :) A few years ago we hosted and it was a ton of fun. Now we live too far away to do so, so others do the cooking and we do the traveling. I agree with you about focusing on what's important - spending time with family during the holidays! Thanks for sharing. :)


Sunday 28th of December 2014

What a delicious Christmas menu!! We had Pulled pork and salad for Christmas EVE, Mixed Berry French toast casserole for Christmas breakfast, chips and dip for snack, Turkey, potatoes and squash for Christmas dinner and Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert! I'm stuffed!

Randa @ TBK

Saturday 27th of December 2014

Christmas Eve is always about appies with our family. There is something amazing about finger food!

We go to M&M's for frozen too ;) No shame in that.

paula schuck

Thursday 25th of December 2014

Oh my gosh Merry! I had this dip at my sister in law's house just on Christmas Eve. It was so spectacular. Buffalo chicken dip was delicious! I am so glad I found the recipe here.

Jenna Em

Thursday 25th of December 2014

Yum, what tasty Christmas food! The Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip served with tortilla chips, carrots and celery sounds great!