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Cold Weather Gear Guide

Every year around September or October I realize that my child has grown a TON and that none of his cold weather gear fits any more. Since Evan is 14, you would think I would have this down to a science by now but you would be wrong. As we drove to dinner last night, the first few flakes of snow for the year fell from the sky and I realized that Evan didn’t have a pair of winter boots that fit. Best mom EVER.

Cold weather day

If this sounds like something that happens in your house, this guide is for you. Here are the things that we seem to need every year whether we like it or not. Oh, and those of you that live in warmer climates. Shhhh. Just read and laugh at people who live where the air hurts your face.

Cold Weather Gear Guide

Winter is coming! Don't be caught off guard without your cold weather gear!

Snow Pants

There is exactly ZERO way to buy snow pants online. I don't have any suggestions. I've had great success with the Costco women's pants when I can find them.

What are your MUST HAVES for winter? We live in a rural area so we take our winter seriously. I have a snow mobile, snow shoes and cross country skis. That means we have to have gear that works and keeps us warm. Not in that situation? Well, the suggestions here will still keep you warm and toasty in those minutes where you do need cold weather gear.