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Cricut Iron On Project Tutorial – Pug Life Shirt

Cricut Iron On Project Tutorial – Pug Life Shirt

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When I received the Cricut, I agreed to do three posts chronicling my experience trying out the Cricut Explore 2. This last post has been due for a looooong time. You see, I doubted my ability to make a more extensive project from start to finish and have it turn out. I love the Cricut and knew it could deliver but I had no such belief in ME. Well, thankfully, the Cricut was able to save someone as craft inept as little ol’ me. Yep! I managed to make an epic “Pug Life” shirt with Cricut iron on vinyl for Evan and it turned out amazing. Here’s my step by step tutorial.

First, a bit about the project I chose. Evan has been obsessed with pugs lately. I think it may because his favourite YouTuber, Dan TDM, has pugs. He has been begging for a pug but it is not going to happen. We need two dogs like we need a hole in the head. Instead, I let him have all the pug stuff he wants. He’s been asking for a pug shirt but I couldn’t find exactly what he wanted. Instead, I decided to make him one. I am not a whiz when it comes to drawing and I wasn’t exactly sure how to find images that I could use without copyright issues so I headed to Etsy to see if I could find a Pug Life design that would work. Luckily, I found one that was PERFECT. This is a great solution if you aren’t sure how to make the design you want or aren’t sure what you are looking for. The design I bought was from SVG Enthusiast on Etsy.

Finding a Cricut SVG File

It’s easy to use it in your project. Just add to your cart and pay for it. As soon as you pay, you will get the option to download your purchase.

Download Your Etsy File

This download had lots of different file types available. Since I was using it on the Cricut, I needed the SVG file.

Start Your Cricut Iron On Project

Go into Cricut Design space and click on “Create Your Project”.

Upload SVG

Click on Upload Images. Then click the Upload Images blue button. Browse to find your svg file and upload it. It will appear at the bottom. Click on it and you will get the green check. Then click on the geen “Insert Images” button.

Make Your File Fit Your Project

Lay your project blank on your sticky board to determine how big you want your design to be. When I uploaded my image, it was way too big for the shirt I was going to put it on. Use the blue arrow at the bottom corner to make your image larger or smaller to fit your project needs. Once it is the right size, click the green GO button at the top.

Mirror For Iron On

You will see the design broken out into the different layers (this is how you use different colors). Make sure to check the “mirror for iron on” box.

Cricut Iron On Info

You have to use Cricut Iron On vinyl for this project. Always check the back of the label on the material you are using for great instructions. Otherwise I can pretty much guarantee you will miss something if it is your first time.

Line Up Your Cricut Iron On Vinyl

Load the iron on material for the layer that you have selected. I used the white for the sunglasses so I stuck that to my 12X12 sticky board. It is easiest to get it on straight if you stick it down while still rolled up.

Cutting Your Cricut Iron On Vinyl

Load your sticky mat into your Cricut. Press load. Turn your dial to “Iron On”. Double check that you have the right color material loaded for the portion of your project you have selected. Hit the GO button on your Cricut. Watch in amazement as it cuts your design. Repeat for your other layers.

Time to trim and Weed

Trim around your design and weed the vinyl around your design. You only want your actual design left on the backing. Thank goodness Cricut has tools for that.

After Weeding the Cricut Iron On Transfer

Here is the sunglasses layer after weeding and trimming.

Cricut Iron OnAll our layers are cut. Now it’s time to pull out the ironing board. (Side note…we found out that Cooper has major issues with the ironing board. It is now on his list of most hated items along with the blender, any suitcase and the vacuum cleaner. Weirdo dog.)

Place your Cricut Iron On Vinyl

Set your iron to the highest setting and turn off the steam. Preheat the cloth you are bonding to using the instructions on the back of the iron on label. Place the design so that it you are pressing onto the backing and the iron on fabric is against the cloth you are bonding to. Once you have your design lined up, put a pressing cloth (aka tea towel or similar) over the backing and press with your iron.

Flip Your Project Over and Press the Back

Flip your design over and press again through the back of the fabric. Turn it back over and let it cool. Remove the backing making sure the design has fused completely. I had to press much longer than I thought to get it to bond. If it doesn’t bond, you can always put the backing in place again and press again. You always need the backing over the design, though.

Line Up Your Second Iron On Color

Line up your next color. Repeat the steps above.

Cricut Iron On Project

Peel away the backing with amazement that it actually worked!

Happy Pug Life Kid

Give the finished product to its intended recipient. See them ecstatic with their awesome new shirt (or other project). Bask in the glow of your new found craft maven status.

What do you think?

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