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Cute Maltese Puppies to Make You Smile

Cute Maltese Puppies to Make You Smile

Let’s face it, it’s Monday and we could all use a reason to smile these days. Cooper makes me smile every day and I thought I would share that will you along with some other cute Maltese puppies. There is something about their furry little faces, big black eyes, and little pink tongues!

Bring on the cute Maltese puppies!

What did you say_

What did you say? It’s Monday? Oh no! Mondays deserve all the side eye!

Monday's are hard

Mondays are hard.

Hands up if you love naps

Raise your hand if you need a nap!

Sometimes it even feels like you just aren’t yourself. Don’t worry, it’s probably a passing phase.

Cooper learning to drive the boat

And if you concentrate really hard, you can learn to do hard things…like driving a boat.

Floofy Cooper

Just put on your favourite sweater and enjoy your day.

 cute maltese puppies Rocket Cooper

Or put on your space suit and save the world from cats.

 cute maltese puppies Static Cling Cooper.jpg

Just pray you don’t get hit with the static.

 cute maltese puppies - Cooper as a bee

Also, be worried if your mom comes at you with a bee costume. It’s SO EMBARRASSING!

Smiley Cooper cute maltese puppies

And sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it.

Sad bath puppy

Unless there is a bath involved and then you just hope for the best.

Cooper loves the Spring Snow in Calgary - =- .jpg

And remember, it could always be worse…it could be SNOWING or

Taffy and Gumdrop the guinea pigs

your mom could have agreed to getting guinea pigs. Both are very, very bad.

Cute maltese puppies Cooper and Evan

Thankfully, Evan still loves me… mostly.

Tongues out

Last but not least, when in doubt, TONGUES OUT!

Did those cute Maltese puppies help your case of the Mondays? Cooper sure helps mine! I don’t know what I would do without him!

Looking for more Cute Animals?

Need a few more giggles? Check out my favourite Guinea Pig memes. Our piggies, Gumdrop and Taffy, are the funniest (just don’t tell Cooper). I also recommend you check out Jenny and Malta on Instagram. Malta is super cute and they explore all kinds of cool places.

Cute Maltese Puppies to Make You Smile


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

So cute. My MIL has a similar breed but not this one.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

my nephew and his wife have a maltese pupper and oh gosh is she EVER the cutest! what is it about animals that draw us in so much?!


Monday 29th of April 2019

So cute! I have never had a maltese puppy but they sure are adorable.