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Day 1 & 2 of The 25 Days of Christmas

One day down….only 24 to go.  Here’s hoping I make it through this!  I love the premise behind The 25 Days of Christmas started by Andrea at a peek inside the fishbowl BUT I am stressing a bit over fitting it all in.  Oh well…..I will give it my best and see how it goes.  I’m combining the 25 Days of Christmas with our Elf on the Shelf.

Day 1

Today our Elf on the Shelf arrived direct from Santa’s workshop.  He appeared on our fireplace mantel.  Evan had a tough time finding him so I had to help him out.  Today our 25 Days of Christmas activity was to welcome our Elf, read the Elf on the Shelf book and name our Elf.  Evan couldn’t decide what his name was until right before bed.  He dubbed our Elf Kevin.  Not an overly “elf-ish” name but it will do.

Evan also got to open Day 1 of his Playmobil Pirate Advent Calendar (cuz nothing says Christmas like pirates….argh!).  All he got today was a palm tree but he was still excited.  We had to hide it on top of the refrigerator to keep him from opening more days.
Day 2:
Dewey and I have a retirement party to go to tomorrow night so we won’t see Evan after we leave for work.  We occasionally (okay….often) have work commitments that keep us both away on the same evenings.  I couldn’t let this take away from Evan’s fun though! So…..
Kevin left Evan a stack of Christmas coloring pages to color tomorrow with Cherry.  (Wow! Kevin’s handwriting sure is girly!)  Hopefully there won’t be too many days where we won’t be there to do his activity with him.  We will let him open Day 2 of his Advent Calendar before we leave for work.
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Are you celebrating the 25 Days of Christmas or Advent?  How?  I would love to hear about your family’s traditions!


Thursday 2nd of December 2010

I got my Elf on the Shelf at the Chapters/Indigo in Market Mall. I also saw them at Discovery Hut in Chinook by the cash registers yesterday.


Thursday 2nd of December 2010

So cute! That palm tree looks pretty big to be in an advent calendar - I haven't seen one of those before! We put up her small Christmas tree last night - maybe I'll give her some coloring pages today as well!


Thursday 2nd of December 2010

Hey Merry... Glad to see you have an elf! M had so much fun with our elf "Crinlke" (don't ask me where he got the name) that he even brought him up this year befure I did! Where did you get your elf on the shelf? I have been looking for one without ordering it from the states.