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Dining at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Walt Disney World


Eating dinner as you watch the giraffes, zebra and cattle roam by the window near your table. Whispering “Evan, look!” every few seconds. No, we didn’t go on a trip to Africa that we didn’t tell you about. Instead it the dinner entertainment when we ate at Sanaa in Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World.

Evan didn’t know we were heading to Disney until 3 days before we left. For the past few months he has been asking when we will go and saying that we HAVE to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Well, our trip was not going to be very long and I didn’t want to drop a huge hunk of cash so I booked Art of Animation instead. I booked dinner at Sanaa so that Evan could at least experience the safari feel of Animal Kingdom Lodge for an evening. The great news? The food was amazing. So often when the view is amazing the food is meh at best. At Sanaa that was NOT the case.

Indian Style Bread Service at Sanaa - Merry About Town

Sanaa has North African food that is very reminiscent of Indian food. To start we had the Indian Style Bread service. We got to pick 3 types of bread and 3 accompaniments. We went with Traditional Naan, Garlic Ginger Naan and Onion Kucha with Cucumber Raita, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus and Tamarind Chutney on the side. The Garlic Naan was everyone’s favorite (though all 3 were delicious) and we enjoyed all of the accompaniments.

Wine Flight at Sanaa - Merry About Town

I really enjoyed that they had wine flights to help me forget how badly my feet hurt after a day at the parks.

Tandori Shrimp & Tandori Lamb from Sanaa - Merry About Town

Dewey and I chose from their Tandoori options. He got shrimp and I got lamb. It was so flavorful! Each part could have easily stood on it’s own but together they were amazing. Perfectly done and beautifully presented, we were very happy with our dinners. Evan ordered the naan pizza off of the kids menu. He ate part of it but it didn’t seem to be anything special to him.

Decorate Your Own Cookie at Sanaa - Merry About Town

He was VERY excited about the decorate your own cookie and yogurt lassi though. After dinner we went outside to enjoy the bonfire and watch the animals. We will definitely return to Sanaa on our future trips to Disney.

More Information about Sanaa

  • Sanaa is located in the Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
  • You can check out their menu on DIS.
  • Reservations are a must.
  • If you want to see the animals, ask for a table near the window (though those go fast) and make reservations for when it is still light outside.
  • Take into account where you will be traveling from/to before and after your reservations. Bussing between resorts can take a LONG time but the bus from the Animal Kindom is quick.