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DIY Father’s Day Gift – Interview Printable

DIY Father’s Day Gift – Interview Printable

Father’s Day is coming up fast. Sometimes, occasions like Father’s Day sneak up on me. I have tons of time, and then suddenly it’s two days away and I panic. Then I start racking my brain for a DIY Father’s Day Gift that I can whip up.

Since Father’s Day has been around in the Americas since 1908, you would think we would remember that it is coming each year in June. Alas, no. If you are also in this boat, don’t worry. These printable Father’s Day interviews will make you look thoughtful and amazing, even though you are sort of a jerk (as am I). Your secret is safe with me.

The best part of this DIY gift is that they are SUPER fast. Ask your kids the questions and fill them in for them, or get them to fill out the answers themselves. Voila, adorable keepsake. Just click the images below to download all three PDFs!

You can print your interview on card stock so they have more structural stability. If you want to get really fancy, head to the dollar store for a frame. Either way, we guarantee the men in your life will LOVE these. Plus, if your kids are young enough, there are guaranteed to be great, giggle worthy answers to some of the questions.

All About My Dad DIY Father’s Day Gift Printable

All About My Dad Printable

All About My Grandpa DIY Father’s Day Gift Printable

All About my Grandpa Printable

All About My Papa DIY Father’s Day Gift Printable

All About my Papa Printable

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Jaclyn Anne

Wednesday 6th of June 2018

Hahaha you aren't a jerk! You are totally planning ahead this year with these great printables! I love hearing kid's answers on interviews like these - so cute!

Myrah Duque

Thursday 31st of May 2018

This is my favorite Father's Day gift idea! It is such a memorable gift that cannot beat a purchased one. Kids grow so fast, that it's best when they are small to get them to do this!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

This is going to be what we do this year with my son and husband. A sweet way to create a holiday memory.

Diana Hansen

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Those are so sweet. Such a keepsake!