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Doc McStuffins Party Ideas with Free Printables

My sister throws the coolest parties. I am so lazy, but she always has adorable food and games. Case in point: this Doc McStuffins party. Read on for insanely adorable Doc McStuffins Party Ideas including doctor-themed party games, snacks, and loot bag ideas!


The kids started at an outfitting station. Here, they got ID badges and clipboards with a check-up checklist (scroll to the bottom of this post for Doc McStuffins free printables).

They also each got a stethoscope and a surgeon’s cap! My sister bought them here – she says they have good sales and the shipment arrived quickly. The stethoscopes are quiet, but they do really work! The kids were really excited about this.

Next, the kids moved through a series of stations while they gave their stuffed animals check-ups. There are printables for the station labels at the bottom of this post.

1) Weight – weighed the stuffed animals on a scale

2) Height – a Doc McStuffins growth chart taped to the wall. You can print it for free on the Disney website – check the printables list below for a link.

3) Temperature – toy thermometers were set out in this station.

4) Heart Rate – the kids used their new stethoscopes to check their stuffies’ hearts.

5) Blood pressure – my sister used a real blood pressure cuff that she had laying around (she has a medical background, in case you hadn’t guessed). However, most doctor-play kits come with a toy version.

6) Eye Exam – a small chair was set up where the animal could view an eye chart. There was also a small flashlight that the kids used to examine their stuffies’ eyes.

If the stuffies needed glasses (and they ALL did), the adults at the party helped make them out of pipecleaner.

7) X-ray – this was so cute. My sister added some printed dials to an Ikea box on the shelf, and it stood in for an x-ray machine.

While the animals were inside the box, she cut their shape out of black paper. The kids glued q-tips onto the silhouette, creating their own x-rays!

If animals had a broken bone (they all did), we used bandages to create a cast. This was one of the kids’ favourite activities.


There was a lot of cute food at this party. My sister got the ideas from Pinterest, so if anyone knows the original sources, let me know! The printable food labels are below.

There was cotton candy, which doubled as “Extra Stuffing,” and wafer cookies with hearts became “Band Aids.”

She also made chocolate thermometers – these were really easy. She melted white chocolate and poured it into an Ikea ice cube tray. Then she added the thermometer details with brown and red chocolate.

She also bought some plastic syringes and filled them with yogurt. My son inhaled these – he thought they were really fun to eat.

Loot Bags

In their loot bags, the kids got their stethoscopes and surgical caps, colourful doctor-y latex gloves, and their clipboards. Loot bags need sugar, so they also got some cookies and Hershey Kisses. Check out the adorable bag toppers! These are also included in the printable below.


Master Printable Document (includes Check-up Checklist, check-up station signs, eye chart, food labels, Kisses for Your Boo Boo bag topper, and hospital bracelets for stuffies)

Doc Name Badges (from A Girl and a Glue Gun)

Doc McStuffins Growth Chart (Disney website)

X-Ray Images

Teddy Bear X-Ray

Stacking Doll X-Ray

Bunny X-Ray

Any other ideas for a Doc McStuffins birthday party?

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