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Easter at Nana’s 2009

Here’s the pictures from Easter at Nana’s. Evan had a great time hunting Easter Eggs. Each one had a single M&M hiding in it. Every time he found an egg he would shake it, open it & then say “Yea!”. Soooo cute!

Okay, he’s not even 2 yet so “hiding” isn’t really “hidden” if you know what I mean…
Hmm….what is this I see?
Gotta give Bubbles a pet on her way by!
Oh NO! What happened here?
It’s all melty!!!! Now I have a Hitler-esque chocolate mustache!
There have to be more eggs around here somewhere!!!!!
Hunting Easter eggs is HARD WORK!

Ok, I realize this is a tiny picture but if you click on it you will see the 300+ swans that we saw on the way out to Nana’s last weekend. Not sure why they chose this bit of the prairie to settle in for the day but it was a pretty neat sight!