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Easter Egg Hunt at Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres is a petting zoo/farm in Calgary. It was Evan’s first trip & he LOVED it.

Evan is right at home. He rushed right into the goat pen without a second thought. He really loves animals.

Hey, why I can’t I go in this pen?

Hmmm…..what’s going on here?

Evan and Mommy!

Such a cute baby donkey!

Nice horsey~

Mommy & Evan again

Where are those darn bunnies? (we got to Butterfield Acres at 1pm. By that time the bunnies had had ENOUGH of children. They hid in the middle of these pipes & would NOT come out!)

Hunting for colored rocks that Easter Bunny will turn into Easter eggs!
Putting the rocks in our basket.

Where we put the rocks so that the Easter Bunny can turn them into Easter eggs. Don’t forget to yell “Rocks Coming!” so that they don’t bonk him in the head!

Planting some seeds….one of them has already sprouted! Now if I can just keep Evan from trying to “pet” it!