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Easy Loot Bag Ideas for Winter Birthdays

So, I’m pretty much famous now. I was on Global News for Calgary’s Child this weekend, talking about easy loot bags for winter birthday parties.

Here are those ideas, PLUS bonus extra ideas!! I work so hard for you.

Snowman Kit

A box with a carrot, some buttons, and an old tie or a strip of felt. Kids can make snowmen at your party, or bring their kit home.

Crazy Carpets

The more dangerous a sled is, the better. Therefore, crazy carpets are super awesome. Roll them up and tie bows around them, and you’re done!


Buy them online or in grocery stores, and you can usually get a good discount. My favourites for winter are Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson. Bonus: makes kids smart!

Mugs of Hot Chocolate

For older kids, you could even have a hot chocolate bar at the party. Give them some whipped cream, syrup, sprinkles, and marshmallows. They will be happy.

Snow Paint

Fill a spray bottle or water gun with water and food colouring – kids can use the mixture to “paint” the snow in your yard! You can refill the bottles and send them home as favours.


Do you want to get the kids out of your house for awhile? Arm them with plastic shovels, then send them into the yard to dig up the treats you’ve buried in the snow. If you don’t want some surprises during Spring thaw, you may want to mark the treasures with flags or food colouring. 

Winter Gear Decorating

You can find inexpensive mitts, hats, and scarves almost anywhere. Kids can decorate them at the party with fabric paint, buttons, beads, and glitter. You could even use some felt to make mitts into puppets like I did!

Cookie Decorating

FACT: Kids like cookies. FACT 2: Kids like cookies better when they can put huge gobs of icing on them. If the cookies aren’t eaten right away, you can tie them up in a cheap cellophane bag and send them home as a loot bag. Add some ribbon and it LOOKS fancy, but it was actually super easy.

All of these ideas for winter party loot bags are easy and inexpensive. Remember – I am super lazy. If I can throw these together, you can too!