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11 Easy No-Bake Desserts for Summer!

11 Easy No-Bake Desserts for Summer!

We do a ton of entertaining during the summer. While I love entertaining, I don’t have air conditioning. I know that seems CRAZY to a lot of people but in Canada, it’s not that unusual. We don’t have enough hot days to really justify the cost. This means that I try my best to find great, guest-worthy recipes that don’t involve turning on the oven. Easy no-bake desserts for the win!

Oh, and don’t worry. Easy no-bake desserts aren’t the only help I can give you to keep your kitchen cool. Nope, you can use my recipes for BBQ Crock-Pot Shredded Beef or Crock-Pot pulled pork as the main dish, some summer salads as the side and one of these yummy recipes as dessert. Easy peasy and no hot kitchen to worry about.

Easy No-Bake Desserts

Easy No-Bake Desserts for Summer!

Easy desserts that will not heat up your kitchen!

No-Bake Pies

My favourite no-bake recipes of all time are Strawberry Pie and Millionaire Pie. Both were favourites of my Granny. She often whipped these up for church potlucks. Each recipe makes 2 pies so they are perfect for a big gathering. Both have a refreshing tang from the lemon juice that keeps the pies from being too sweet.

Frozen Treats

Frozen sweet treats not only keep your kitchen cool, they keep you cool too. Both of these are easy peasy with normal ingredients and short prep time. 

Refrigerated No-Bake Desserts

Banana pudding is the perfect dessert for a crowd. It's not the only delicious no-bake option that makes the refrigerator the star of the show. Stir together any of these for a sweet, cool treat.  

No-Bake Cookies

No-bake cookies are a great grab and go option when you have guests. Plus you can keep them on hand for those times when people pop in unexpectedly. 

Fruit Salad

Last, but not least, stir together this tart and tangy citrus salad. Unlike other "ambrosia" recipes, this one doesn't have marshmallows. It is a great foil for the big flavors of summer barbecues.

All of these recipes taste great, come together quickly and are guest and family approved!

Easy No-Bake Desserts for Summer

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easy no-bake desserts

Plus a few Items to make Summer Entertaining Easier (and Cuter)

Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

Rose Copper Beverage Tub

My hubby’s favourite outdoor game…Cornhole! I love that these are travel-friendly. This set may be coming home with me this summer.