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Easy Party Activity: Make a Superhero Shield!

Do you have a superhero party, a medieval party, a pirate party, or a ninja party coming up? Then your guests will need a shield to defend themselves against crime, dragons, buccaneers, or other ninjas.

This shield is also great for Halloween costumes!

It is VERY easy and quick for you to prep, and lots of fun for the kiddos. You will need:

  • Poster board or foam core
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun or packing tape

I use a mini glue gun that I bought at Michael’s for about $5. I burn myself every time I use it. TIP: do not get molten glue on your hand.

This is so so so easy. First cut out a shield shape from your poster board or foam core. Any shield shape. Next, cut a strip of the poster board and fold it like I did in the photo below.

Next, use your glue gun or packing tape to attach it to the back of the shield.

Make sure you get nice, thick posterboard so that the shield and handle are sturdy. You could glue two layers together to make it more sturdy. Now it’s ready for the kids to decorate!

Give the kids markers, stickers, glitter – any craft stuff you have laying around. Then they are ready to be superheroes / knights / pirates / ninjas.

The best part about this is that it’s an activity AND a party favour. No need for loot bags!