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DIY Party Decorations: Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Garland Decoration

Having a party? Looking for some great DIY Party Decorations? You need a rainbow garland decoration! They are fun to make and inexpensive enough that you can make TONS. Get your kids involved and it can be a fun craft as well.

DIY Party Decorations for Birthday Parties

This pipe cleaner garland is:

  • cheap (dollar store, yo)
  • fast (5 minutes!)
  • easy (see below)

Here’s how I made it!

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Step 1

Grab a handful of pipe cleaners. I used 10 (two of each colour).

 Pipe cleaners for this inexpensive DIY party decoration tutorial

Step 2

Fold them all in half.

Easy 5 minute Party DIY Tutorial

Step 3

Twist them all together at the bottom.

Making a DIY Party Decoration Garland

Step 4

Curl all the straight bits around your finger. Once you’ve done them all, you’ll have a ball shape.

Step 5

Flip the ball over and find the loops you twisted. Poke some ribbon through one of the loops.


Step 6

Repeat until you have a garland full of curly pipe cleaner fun. To prevent your ribbon from fraying, seal the ends by holding them close to a lighter flame.

Pipe Cleaner Garland

Step 7

Sit back and enjoy your awesome new pipe cleaner garland. Pretend it was hard so that people will be impressed!

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Claire | Heart Handmade UK

Thursday 13th of July 2017

Hey Merry, great tutorial. I flipping love the rainbow squiggles, I'm off to share x

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 13th of July 2017