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Easy Party Food: Tiny Taco Salads

Easy Party Food: Tiny Taco Salads

I like to serve cute food at kids’ parties, but I hate to cook. And bake. So any party food I make HAS to be easy.

These tiny taco salads are easy AND cute, and my kids gobbled them up!

You Need:

– “Scoop”-style taco chips (shaped like tiny bowls)
– Ground beef
– Taco kit OR ground beef seasoning of your choice (we use cumin, chile powder, cayenne, cocoa, honey, and diced onion)
– Cheese
– Lettuce
– Diced tomato
– Salsa (optional – my kids won’t eat it)
– Rice (we used Minute Rice and add garlic, sugar, finely chopped green pepper, onion & tomato)


To Make:

1) Cook and season the ground beef.

2) Dish the beef out into the scoops

3) Add toppings as desired (lettuce, tomato, grated cheese)

4) Add rice on the side (we cooked it in chicken stock instead of water, and used a cookie cutter to make it into a flower shape)

You can totally use taco seasoning from a kit and plain Minute Rice for this, and it will STILL look super cute. Either way, it’s very very very easy.

My kids loved them – you can see a chubby hand sneaking in there while I’m trying to take photos!


What are your go-to party foods?