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Easy Snowflake Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Easy Snowflake Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Christmas is right around the corner. This year, I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of traditional Christmas colors, I decided to go with a snowflake theme. That way when it is January and I haven’t taken it down, I can just say “It’s winter themed!” Winning! Thankfully, yarn wreaths are super easy to make. Check out my Snowflake Yarn Wreath Tutorial and make one of your own.


First, gather your supplies. You will need:

  • hard foam wreath form
  • glue gun and glue
  • one skein of blue yarn. I used Payette from Loops & Threads in Periwinkle Twinkle. Even though it is small yarn, one skein was enough to over the wreath form.
  • Snowflakes. I bought plastic snowflakes covered in glitter from Michaels.
  • White wired ribbon


Attach the ribbon to the foam wreath form with a dot of hot glue. Wrap the yarn around the wreath form making sure you wind it tightly without crossing the row before. Occasionally use your hand to twist the yarn on tighter. Continue until the entire wreath is covered. The thickness of your yarn will determine how much yarn you will need. If you have an issue with coverage, you can wrap it twice. However, most yarns should cover with only one wrap.


When you are done, secure the end of the yarn with a dot of hot glue. Don’t use too much so you won’t see it. Flip the wreath over so this is at the back. Use hot glue to attach your snowflakes to the bottom left area of the wreath.

Use your ribbon to make a hanger for your wreath. Tie at the top with a bow. Wrap the tails of your bow around your finger to curl. Hang on your door. Enjoy!

easy-snowflake yarn wreath tutorial

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Linda Carolipio

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

I love the creativity and easy of making the lovely wreath. Thank you and keep up the great wor