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Elf Coloring Pages- Free Printable

We all know that Santa can’t make Christmas magical without the help of his elves. Celebrate the hard workers of the season with these adorable elf coloring pages.

Print off one of our 4 elf coloring pages for your kids to color once their Elf on the Shelf arrives or any time during the Christmas season. We promise they will love them and the best part? They’re free! Just click on the picture below that you want to print and a printable pdf will launch. Easy peasy!

Elf Coloring Pages to Print

elf coloring page
elf coloring page
elf coloring page
elf coloring page
elf coloring page

How Did Christmas Elves Originate

We all love Christmas elves but how did they originate as part of the Christmas tradition?

Wikipedia says “The origins of the elf are said to have been derived from Norse mythology, which refers to the álfar, also known as huldufólk, or “hidden folk.” The elf character is most likely to have combined this Norse legend with other Scandinavian and Celtic cultures and myths regarding elves, fairies and nature spirits.” Our current Christmas elves started appearing in literature in the late 1800’s.

As time went on, the legends expanded to include the elves making toys for Santa at the North Pole. The elves are definitely an industrious and talented bunch!

When kids around the world began to be visited by The Elf on the Shelf, it cemented the elf as one of the most beloved characters during Christmas. We have many fond memories of our elf, Kevin, who visited us for years making Christmas magical.

We can see why elves stuck around because they are so cute! Plus, we all know that Santa needs help to deliver all those toys!

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