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Fun Christmas Word Search Printables & Coloring Sheets

Fun Christmas Word Search Printables & Coloring Sheets

Looking for fun and free Christmas activities? I’ve got you covered with 4 Christmas word search printables and printable holiday coloring sheets that make a fast and easy Elf on the Shelf activity.

In the past, our Elf on the Shelf, Kevin, appeared at the first of December. Alas, we have reached the age where Kevin no longer visits.


Kevin usually brought a holiday activity to do every day. Why I started out that way I have no idea. I must have been crazy! It was not an easy tradition to keep up with!

I figured out that free Christmas printables were an easy thing for our elf to bring. Free and easy to print at the last minute (because we know I printed them at midnight, right?). Evan got something from Kevin and I got to breathe a sigh of relief. It’s a win/win situation that I share with YOU.

Here are four Christmas word search printables and a few Christmas Coloring Sheets that you can use for your elf or any time you need a quick and easy activity.

Whether you have an Elf on the Shelf or not, I hope you find these Christmas word searches helpful! Click on the images below and you it will launch a printable pdf.

Christmas Word Search Printables

Free Christmas Printable

Free Christmas Printable

Free Christmas Printables

Christmas Joy Wordsearch

Printable Nativity Playset

This cute printable Nativity playset lives on our sister site, Head over there to download your Free Printable Nativity Set.

Holiday Coloring Sheet Printables

Just like the word searches above, click on the image and it will launch a printable pdf.

Fox and Owl Christmas
Owl Christmas Trees
Polar Bear Coloring Sheet
Bird Wreath Coloring Sheet

Looking for more easy Christmas ideas? Check out my One-Stop Christmas Planning Guide. You’ll find DIYs, recipes, printables and more. And you know it will be easy because it is ME. I don’t have time for 100 steps for anything.

Homemade Gingerbread Houses - Merry About Town

As Evan gets older, he is taking on more complex activities to do by himself. So far this year he has decorated a gingerbread train (bought at the store of course though if you want to make your own, I love the Gingerbread Chalets shown above).

iced Sugar Cookies Recipe

Next up are Old Fashioned Iced Sugar Cookies Recipe. He loves making cookies and decorating them. I love that he can now make them mostly by himself. Eating cookies without having to make them? BEST EVER!

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