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Evan at 22 Months

We had a busy, busy weekend so I haven’t posted. I have some pictures of Evan that have been waiting patiently for me to get around to posting them. Since I NEED to be packing my gym bag for tomorrow instead of blogging, I’ll post them tonight. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Playing with his new fingerpaints. They are pretty cool b/c they aren’t that messy but he doesn’t get that you only need to use a little bit. His first picture had an inch of paint on it!

Dewey got a new remote controlled car with his birthday money (doesn’t that so sound like I’m talking about a kid instead of my husband????). Evan thinks it is the coolest thing EVER!

Evan is allowed to drive if it’s in “training” mode. As you can see, he sometimes drives it right towards himself!

Having sooo much fun at the park driving the car. He doesn’t ever want to come in even when it’s cold. We have to tell him that the car is tired and needs to go to sleep. He then puts his finger to his lips & says “Shh” b/c you have to be quiet when someone is sleeping!



Saturday 9th of May 2009

Oh it was a hard sell definitely and it took a very long time to convince him. Luckily I think he loves the restoration process a tiny bit more than actually owning them. He likes to buy someone else's junk on ebay and bring it back to it's former glory, but then he doesn't ever drive them because they're "too pristine". He has one gas powered one he likes to beat on though.


Tuesday 5th of May 2009

It's electric. Dewey also has 2 or 3 electric planes and 2 or 3 electric helicopters. He loves them all & would never THINK of getting rid of them!


Monday 4th of May 2009

Well Mike and Dewey could totally hang out. Mike had a rather large collection of RC cars not long ago, but I finally managed to convince to pair it down by quite bit. He kept his favourites, but the rest went on ebay. Is that a gas powered or electric?